Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well I'm Off On An Adventure

I have asked June to make this post for me. As you know, I am a sailor. And I have just embarked on a deployment. I will be away for a little while, but June will still be here, and she could probably use your company while I'm gone.

I will return in late summer, early fall, and I look forward to seeing how we've grown, and how many new friends we've made. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.If the communications networks cooperate, I may be able to send June a post or two to make for me. If not, I'll see you all very soon.

Her POV:
My chest is empty, because my heart is on the seas, my lungs are empty, because he is the air that I breathe. He is my world. I love him with all that I am and all that I have. I am proud of him, and I will have my eyes on the horizon for that sweet, sweet day he sails back into sight.


  1. Big hugs for you, my friend. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers that time passes quickly and he will be there to hold you in his big, strong arms.

  2. Thanks :) I miss his arms, his laugh, the shine in his eyes, talking. I miss my best friend.

  3. Dear ward and June,

    Thank you both for your service. I have a brother who is career Navy, I have always had so much respect for both he and his wife. Him for what he gives to all of us through his service and her for the unwavering support she gives to him. Stay safe and come home soon.

  4. Faerie, thank you for your very kind words. And my thanks to your brother :) I write him every day, I'm sure the FPO hates me - and I don't give a darn :)

  5. This is so beautiful. I can't help but cry. Lots of love, Pinky

  6. Thanks, Pinky. We'll make it :) Gonna be hard, the pot of gold is worth more than anything in all of creation.


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