Monday, April 2, 2012

A Good Spanking or It's Not Easy Being a Spanko

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, nothing gets your attention like a good, sound spanking?  Being a spanking enthusiast isn't always easy...or convenient, but sometimes it's all worth it.  Nothing and I mean nothing gives me a thrill like giving June's sexy bottom a nice long good girl spanking. I am actually a younger gentleman, probably younger than most of you would guess, but I have been a spankophile for quite a long time.  I enjoy reading stories or books, watching selected videos, and of course playing with my darling June.  While it is very true that spanking has it's many visual delights,  enticing sounds, and lovely moments in the after, there are a few things that I don't like about this thing we do.

Listed (in no particular order) - he does it well

1.  A spanking should be a good spanking, so many times I feel like I want too much when others describe  "a good spanking" as 50 mild seeming swats with the open hand over panties... that's not even a warm-up. And as we all know, its not a spanking unless it's on the bare bottom.  Some say I am nuts, but to me a good spanking can last well over an hour and should in fact leave the spankee with a nice, toasty, red bottom

2.  Videos:  This could be a whole separate post, and in fact I will probably expand on this topic later at some point.  There aren't enough legitimate spanking video companies that produce, good, quality product. There seems to be a  "sameness" in a lot of the videos, the same type of guy giving some 19 year old waif  some sort of contrived "discipline" spanking.... I know I'm not everybody but it often times seems like they are going for a certain crowd.  I'd really love to see more variety in produced spanking media. I'd also love to see a real woman (with real curves) take a real spanking that leaves the skin  a bracing shade of beautiful red.

3.  Have you ever noticed that sometimes thoughts of spanking can be near overwhelming when you aren't prepared for them?  The other day I was at work and out of nowhere the idea of giving a good sound spanking nearly distracted me to the point of ineffectiveness. I hesitate to put this one up here because in a way... I do kind of enjoy it.

4.  It took me forever to find June.  It is hell finding someone that is compatible in the spanking world.  It pays to be selective and I am glad that I did, but finding just the right person to even chat with about spanking can be most challenging.

 There are so many more rewards to this lifestyle than the cons I listed above. I love the intimacy it fosters and the warmth and physical unity that it so often brings me and lovely Ms. June. 

Here are some things that I love about the spanking world

1.   Finding that rare example of a good sound spanking in video form

2.   Sharing that moment with my sweetheart and relishing the beauty of her body, bare before my eyes

3.   The visual delights that a nice plump, round bottom gives us when we watch it being spanked

4.   The  knowledge that I am in fact not alone in these thoughts

5.   Having this amazing kink grow stronger all the time... even after a decade of active play I love it now more than ever.

6.  Writing... I don't do it near often enough, I am hoping to share more with you when I get back off deployment... Sometimes it seems nothing stokes my fires like writing about the many delights of spanking.

Ultimately, I am proud to be a spanker and proud to have a beautiful, sweet spankee like June for my very own. Being a spanko isn't always easy, but it sure is fun!

Her POV:
No, nothing in this world gets your attention like a good, sound spanking. Whether it's the passion of a good-girl, or a just because, or the reassurance of maintenance or a submission spanking,  or, heaven forbid, a correction.

I have craved these things since I was a child. And no, it is not at all easy to find someone who shares your view as to incorporating spanking into a relationship, and even then less likely that you will find someone who agrees what constitutes a good spanking. Like Daddy said, if I want one, need one, deserve one and you take me across your lap for 50 or even 100 swats, you're just going to make me angry. The whole point is emotional release, if you're not willing to take me there, let's not even start.

It's great to be able to go to him and say, Daddy, I'm stressed, please....and have him kiss my forehead and take me across his lap. Even better when he pulls me into his lap for a cuddle, asks what's wrong and if I need a spanking (who's going to turn that offer down?). It helps. It's my purge, and having that gifted to me by someone I trust with my very life is the most amazing sensation.

I'm proud to be Daddy's girl. I'm proud to have the love of a courageous, noble, virtuous, honorable man. And yes, it is lots of fun, too!


  1. ~sigh~ Such wonderful reasons why you love spankins. :)

    A warm up is about 30-50 for us, with Monster going from light to harder. After that he mixes it up. I love when he gets me to that breaking point. Where I feel like I am going to shatter into a millions pieces and then come back together all shiny and new.

    Besides bare-handed, which toys do you both like to include in spanky sessions?

  2. Hmmmm, hand is the favorite, all the way around. Daddy favors wood, and I like it too. We have padauk, purple heart & bamboo paddles, I like all of those - nice & stingy. But I favor the padauk right now. We also have padauk & purple heart naughty sticks, which I have a love/hate with, nice & stingy, but they're more emotional release and naughty girl toys, cause they're so long they can't be used otk. And you saw my sinner - I am in love with that big time. And of course the trusty hairbrush, which is a standard after hand.

    So sessions are usually hand, hairbrush then paddle, then back to hand - otk - unless I need (or deserve :'( ) something more intense, then over the bed for naughty stick, or some kind of strap. Then cuddles - yum!

    1. Oh, and yes, hoovering around the breaking point, pushing to it, dropping back is YUM, but sometimes, I need the push over.

    2. Oh yes it is. Sometimes that breaking point is the only kind of cleansing that works.

  3. Yup! I'm glad you understand that - Daddy does of course, and he always knows what I need & when - he's magic! But I'm glad another little, a friend understands.

    Did your Daddy get you a sinner? I 'member you asked when you saw ours. It's yummy :)

  4. Lol, Monster says I'm masochistically devious. So I smell what you're steppin' in. ;)

    No sinner yet. :( but he made a new slappy paddle. :)

  5. *ears perk up* Slappy paddle? What is this slappy paddle of which you speak??? I'm the crafty one...never worked in leather though.....hmmmmm

  6. Hi June and Ward
    I keep coming back to your blog because there is so much to read and enjoy.
    This is one of my favorite pages. The video above is fascinating, I'm not sure
    why, perhaps it's because the HoH gives a really good and thorough spanking with
    different implements and is respectful consistent - or perhaps because his sub is a good girl who seems to accept his authority- even though it must hurt like heck! It seems the kind of spanking
    all subs need to learn a lesson well, which is DD is all about in my opinion.
    It's all a part of the learning process to please daddy.
    Thank you for sharing such a great spanking video!
    Jack's Jill

    1. Hi, Jill, thanks so much for your kind words:) For us it's a combination of both. One doesn't have to be brutal, and for me the lessons are learned much more readily when they are framed in sweet talk and gentle touches. Daddy is possessing of quiet command, he doesn't need to shout, simply speak, and sometimes merely look. Even when it is correction I never doubt that he loves me, and that he does what he does to help me be the best I can possibly be.


  7. So I just read this post and loved it. I feel like we don't always have a lot of time for "long" spankings...not a lot of privacy from our kids - it makes me slightly sad lol! Wood is just so awful and yet I love it so much.


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