Monday, February 25, 2013

Effort and Follow-Through, Actions and Words



Effort isn't exactly the largest word in the English lexicon... but I'd be willing to wager that it has one of the largest potential impacts of any word in any language.  When we get down to it, effort is the catalyst to achievement, the key to change, and the facilitator of open, honest communication.  The true value of effort lies not only in seeing it from your partner and the confidence and  reciprocity that it inspires, but also the honest, whole-hearted effort that you bring to the table  yourself.  There are many things that are easy:  Falling off a log, making slow sweet love on a Saturday morning,  holding hands and talking while it rains on your roof, yes these things are all easy, but sometimes effort isn't.

Being there for your partner can mean listening when you are tired, showing up when perhaps you'd rather be doing something else, saying you understand when maybe you don't and especially taking that extra minute to give them some time to be themselves... Sometimes I have to set up a "mommy time" intervention for June.  June is a fantastic housekeeper and a hard worker and I will defiantly admit that our boys definitely keep her on her toes.  I'll be honest I'm really not much different than anyone else, I have my own interests, and sometimes at the end of a long day, I'm not much for talking, sharing, or being loquacious... but I see the positive effect that  my effort has on my family, my home and my relationship. 


It stands to reason that along with effort, honesty and action also make up important parts of a DD/TTWD relationship.  It's easy to say something. make conditions,  promises, consequences.  It's true what they say though, there is a time for words and there is a time for actions and then again I also say that talk is cheap.


Following through can be a true test for both parties... I realize for my words to carry the proper weight in my home, I must be committed not only to be the best man I can be for my woman, and my children, but to further illustrate the importance of commitment, honor, dependability and to go back a bit...effort. June really is a good girl and in truth does not often warrant or require correction.  It is still easy to see the value of  being a gentleman or lady of one's word... even and especially when it isn't easy or fun or life isn't convenient.  That dedication, that solid foundation can in fact be a source of comfort during times of stress, a source of surety and a demonstration of love that speaks much louder than words ever could.


One of the beautiful things about DD/TTWD is that we learn very quickly that indeed there is no one perfect and that indeed we require grace, patience and hearts that yearn for growth and affirmation through the consistent application of patience, effort and follow through.  It would be easy to do less, but at what cost? Take the time to communicate. Apply effort and understand that indeed actions speak volumes more than any amount of words.  Sometimes following through will test you, there is no getting around that, sometimes giving your partner what they need, when they need it will hurt....but in so doing, you elevate your relationship to a new level where the air is clear and our bond solidifies into a unshakable foundation.


Her POV:

Daddy gives me his every effort. He shows up every single day. He makes time for our family, I love to watch him roll around on the floor with the boys, or pick them up and carry them around over his head like a sack o'taters, lol (I did tell you Daddy is a BIG man, right?). I love to watch him sit down with the boys over homework, while I make dinner, and watch his love and patience carry them through difficult assignments.

Daddy has a hard job. He sees some of the ugliest of behavior. And he has to treat the perpetrators with a kindness they have not shown to others. This wears on him, deeply. I can hear it in his voice some days when he calls because he just needs to hear my voice, to touch some piece of home and comfort to get him through a day. Some days, he walks through the door and his eyes are haunted. When we see man's inhumanity to man we can't unsee, or unhear, or unimagine, and it could easily strip our own humanity.

But he comes in to his family, and he shows up. It's a struggle sometimes. But you can see him, stripping layer by layer of his turmoil. Sometimes it's classified, he can't even get the balm of my assurance. All I can do is tell him that I see it, and wrap my arms around him and make home his refuge.

How easy in the sight of this for him to shut down? How easy to check out? How much easier to nurture his own wounds and walk away, than to see the struggling child, or to see his stressed out wife? But he shows up. He sees us. He shucks the world and assumes the responsibility of this family. There are the times then that I offer myself to him, for his stress relief. And there are others when I am struggling, those are the hard ones, those are the ones where he has to be bigger, and stronger and more. How easy to check out? He never does. He takes us in his hands and he leads. He gives us every single thing that each of us needs. He never, ever cheats us, shortchanges us. And in so doing, he makes us unbreakable indeed.

I love you, my Darling, my greatest joy, and one of my three greatest blessings.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

E-rotica Post #001



Hello folks, Ward here.  I am introducing a new series of DD/TTWD erotic writings, adventures and stories that will be found exclusively here on our blog.  These writings are 100% original,  and have an emphasis on romance, dominance, submission and the space that lies between a Man and his Lady.  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Who knows? This may just become a regular feature around here! So come on in, take off your shoes, and pop open that bottle of wine.


 The candles flicker and dance to cast  long shadows on the bedroom wall and fill the room with warmth in stark contrast to the cold, beading drops of rain pattering against the window.  Contrast shared by silk and leather, chain and lace, she waits bound hand and foot and blind to all but the dominance she craves. As I walk in the air goes out and the shared gasp we form is eclipsed only by her soft, sweet femininity.  "Good Girl"  I whisper it softly and take a hand full of hair. I bring her lips to mine and kiss her forehead before kissing her lips again and letting my lips dance from her mouth to that special place where her neck and shoulder meet.  She writhes and murmurs beneath my lips, waiting, anticipating wanting... "No little one, I will take my time, I will savor this moment, and the moments to follow. In you I will celebrate beauty and give voice to the passions you provoke... Up!"  One word. A simple command. She obeys. She blossoms under my hand and presents her mind, her body for attention and enrichment.

 She reaches for me, instinctively knowing my position in the room despite the veil over her eyes. I scold her softly and remind her to keep her position. She murmurs obedience as I begin to undress. I remove my hat, shirt and shoes and stop to savor her position, to appreciate it, to relish in her obedience and take this most beautiful gift to my center.  I cup each of her breasts and enjoy the fullness of them in my hand. My fingers gently roll her nipples between them. As they harden, her soft gasps are music to my ears and tonic to my thoughts and dreams.  Fingers and toes grip the sheets as tease her clit with deft finger and pleasurable intent. Sensation rocks her body and she fights it...She fights that urge to break her position... she struggles but she finds her submission again and clings to it.   I tell her how beautiful she is, how she makes my heart swell and my mind swim with the love and passion that she brings me not just in the now when it is easy, but even when things are hard, or when I am at my worst she loves me... she presents to me, she brings me peace she is my everything.

I slide my belt through the loops giving her that belt-whoosh sound that she loves so much.  I crack the belt in my hands and tell her my desires, my expectations that she will take these blows like a good girl, even when it gets intense, I tell her how proud I am of her for taking this bravely.  She affirms this, affirms me with a quiet whisper and when the belt cuts the air and  licks her soft, plush bottom, she keeps still, concentrates and breathes out softly. The strap rises and falls, leaving a beautiful lattice of red stripes that speak to the heat of the moment and our dedication in role.  Just when she thinks she can take no more, loving hands rub and massage.... She moans low and soft, she loves the combination of the searing heat and the loving softness that brings her back to me.  She floats in her submission leaving behind the stress that school, the kids, the bills and life brings.  I fight back my own desire knowing she needs more still.  She's beyond intensity now, she floats on a sea of tranquil head space and deep submission.  She floats on, yet her body responds to the call of mine and the air around us is perfumed with the heady scent of true love.

The strap now, the "yummy" one as she calls it. I flick my wrist and stripe her bottom with it.  Over and over my arm rises and falls and in response she raises her bottom and spreads her legs to receive sensation and welcome pleasure. The strap away I use my hand now... cupping and squeezing her hot bottom, I spank on and add the welcome sensation of sliding a finger against her clit, faintly at times and twisting between my finger and thumb at others, I have her at my mercy.  The familiar sting of the brush jolts her out of her revelry, but remind her that she is mine and that I am hers, nearly finished the spanking continues as three fingers slide inside her and open her for me. Pussy pulsing, cock hardening, wall shaking, I slide into her filling her with pleasure and light. Making love we reach the stars and in sweet embrace we find who we really are. More than just a feeling, more than just each other, we find ourselves. Her bonds now removed, she receives the light and relishes the moment, tasting it with hungry lips and ravenous heart. I growl mine in hear ear, and  she blushes when I tell her to "let this be a lesson to you, young lady." She says, "Yes sir," and pulls me into her arms, tight and strong. She clings to me and I to her. We tether each other in a world adrift and anchor ourselves to our own world. I am her king and she is my queen and that is how it should be. Every day we renew the vigilance to our love. She whispers in my ear. Words meant only for man and wife. I smile as I blush and whisper in her ear the things a wife needs to hear from her husband. These precious hours, this precious life.. this precious woman..  I drift to sleep, yet inside her still coupled and complete, warm and strong, sweet and powerful this love has no comparison



Monday, February 18, 2013

Appreciating the Little Things


Have you ever thought about the little things that your partner does to make your life, your home, and your world a better place to live in?  Upon realization of the impact that your love has, did you take the time to truly appreciate their effort to make life better, easier, and brighter for you?  If you've ever been out "people watching" as June and I sometimes do, I'm sure you've seen it, you know the difficult teenager, the ungrateful wife, the petulant child that didn't get exactly what they wanted. It makes me sad. I mean are we, as a society so far removed from each other that we can't recognized an honest effort to make each other happy?

 I have found that with June, she truly gets it. If I mention a dish my mom made when I was a child, she starts looking for recipes.  If I mention something I think is sexy she does it without thinking about it. Noticing these things, I can do no less than offer her my sincere thanks and make a deep and honest effort to reciprocate as often as I can.  When she mentions that her feet hurt, I rub them for her. When the kids become overly exuberant... I distract them for her.  Me, I personally think bringing your partner the little things that make them thrive is sexy... Maybe it sounds a little chauvinistic, but I love how domestic June is, she keeps our home comfortable, warm,  and she nourishes the minds and bodies of all under our roof and for that she will always have my deepest and frequently spoken appreciation.


Sometimes it's being there for each other at the end of a long day, frequently my job drains me and even if she can't tend to my physical needs right  away she's always there with a hug, a kiss, and a cold glass of water... She gives me the 15 minutes I need, when I get home, to decompress and get ready to give  my family my best.  When we first became acquainted with each other, the first time I pretty much knew she was "the one" when I saw how she relished taking care of me. She had tears streaming down my cheeks when she took my hand and told me that she could love someone like me... Such a moment is so small, but so deep like the rings rippling outward from the stone. A microcosm unto itself, this moment huge in meaning small on the outside sparked the beginnings of something beautiful


It is easy to imagine and even apply these concepts to a DD/TTWD relationship. When you think about it, that's what it's really all about isn't it? Taking the time to say thank you is a lost art in this country and at least in this house we will know reciprocity, selflessness and love. We will attempt to do not only the obvious gestures but the small ones as well. June my love, I honestly don't say thank you enough for all that you do, for all that you contribute, for all that you are. I strive to continually improve as your HoH, your husband, your leader, I want you to know how much you bring me and the boys. Thank you for being patient, giving, flexible, sweet and good-natured even when things are chaotic... You bring our home peace.


We would suggest that there is much to be gained by exploring  the impact that you have on each other. Say thank you, and look to the memories you have made and search those small moments for the magic that makes a good couple into a great couple. Each day is a new opportunity for thankfulness, Reciprocity, Growth and Discovery! What will you find?  What will you say to each other? We would encourage you all in appreciating the little things that make our relationships big!


Her POV:

 I know that I am hopelessly old-fashioned. I know that I am not politically correct. I know that I am excruciatingly happy. I love this man. When I see the weight of the world on his shoulders, I am compelled to ease his burden in the ways that I can, a touch, small considerations, closeness when he needs it, or space when he requires it. I wish to make our home a place of peace, a safe harbor. I love to cook and nourish my family, and pray for the strength to nourish their hearts, spirits and souls as well as their bodies.

There is nothing better than to hear him speak of a remembered moment of pleasure and be able to reproduce that for him. There is nothing better than seeing his eyes close and hear that happy sound as he takes a bite of butterscotch pie that his grandmother made and no one could replicate, or the oatmeal chocolate chip hazelnut cookies like his mom used to make, or a key lime pie he proclaims as the best in the world. These are very small things that I can do for him to not only tell him,but show him his worth to me.

A long time ago, another lifetime really, when I was going through a very difficult time and talking with a friend who was a Christian counselor, she told me that I was a righteous woman.  I looked up the quote she had recited, and found Proverbs 31. I appreciated her assessment and thought she was crazy, I was not that good. I was just me, and surely if I was that, I would have been enough for someone.

The concept intrigued me, though, and I researched more, trying to understand. I surely didn't believe that I was this woman - this was an ideal, a goal that I could strive for. I found a beautiful sermon that outlined the characteristics of this extraordinary woman: she is strong, while remaining graceful, poised and dignified; she is trustworthy; as a habit of life, she does good for her husband and family; she is industrious; she is compassionate, she has a husband worthy of respect; strength and dignity are hers; she looks to the future with a smile.

"This is not about size, weight, or magazine cover beauty. This is about character and lifestyle that will be a blessing to any husband or family. And this woman, a wise man will seek her or help her to become just such a woman." I am not this woman, but I strive to become like her. And with God's grace I was given a wise man to help me on my journey. He along with this wonderful life we live help me to be my truest self, and we were both given this community to support us on our journey.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day.... or is it?

Daddy and I were talking this morning about Valentine's Day... more about that in a minute. Then I was talking to a friend who said she hates Valentine's Day. And her sentiments echoed what Daddy and I had talked about this morning (we hardly ever post the day we write, we keep a 'vault' of stuff that we write when we're able,  so when life gets hectic there's something to pull from). So I thought it might make a good post.

Valentine's Day, it's worth knowing where the legend comes from, and just a warning, it's kind of grisly, not graphically so, but not really all completely warm and fuzzy. But the message goes beyond the note, signed "from your Valentine", the message, to me, is that you would be willing to die for your love.

So I would challenge you... is one day enough to show the one you love that you would die for them? Is it enough to show that you would die for the love that you create, and that lives in you? Does a box of candy or a piece of jewelry say all that you wish to say - does it speak the truth of your heart?

No, I am not decrying or trying to minimalize extravagant gestures. I am simply saying sometimes we need to remember that there is great love in small gestures. There is great love in meeting your partner at the door with a smile and a look that says, "I'm so glad you're home. Now I finally am, too." There is great love in meeting requests with a smiling, "Yes, love." There is great love in crafting, meals and treats you know he enjoys. There is great love in coming home from work and taking the children so she can have ten blessedly quiet minutes to complete a task, or half an hour to read a book, or sit in the yard with a cup of tea. There is great love in touch, a brush against your cheek for no reason than to show that your heart swelled when you looked at them, or when you see the mark of the world on them and you wrap your arms around them to protect them and wipe it all away with the tears that cleanse their souls.

I wonder when we lost sight of that, and thought we could only say I love you, once a year? My friend and I said that seems like it's something you have to do, not something that you thrive on doing, something that feeds you in the feeding of your love.

So Ward, my heart, my Daddy, my love, I pray that I take full advantage of every opportunity to show you the depths of my love. Today, you received a coupon book for things like a massage, your favorite cookies, stress relief, grace when it's difficult - in the rare event that you err. I would hope that I extend these things every day in my expression of love for you. But I am human, and sometimes I miss the signs of need, or get wrapped up in the day and forget those little extras. So please use these to remind me to never let the day go to bed without telling you how much you touch me, how essential you are to me and to our family, and how very, very much I love you. Happy Valentines's Forever, my Love.

Love is a beautiful thing that deserves to be nurtured and fed every single day of the year. Can we give less than our very best to the people that we love? Didn't think so. Love, passion, reciprocity and the clear and loud expression of our hearts that's where it begins and it never ends.  June my darling, today you received a letter with a surprise and a coupon book of your own... I am human as well, I make errors but yet you love me anyway and everyday is like a holiday, every meal a feast, you make my heart sing forever my love.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Images of Ward and June - Part 2

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<3We all exist before we find our one, though some of us never really live. I existed before him...small and inconspicuous and quiet so I could disappear.... it was safer. He saw something, stopped, stooped and reached his hand into that place and called to me. And I was compelled to respond...not with a conscious mind...with all the fire and light and desire and fear inside screaming for a safe place and finding his arms. There I flourish, there I burn without being consumed, fly without fear,find wonders never imagined, and peace...for the first time.       



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Surely then you can see that I am you...that without you I would return to a vacuum, for you are that which feeds my soul. There is no choice because you are the answer to every question I have ever had and I cannot imagine being without you...eternity plus a day won't be enough.

Someday came when I met you, my love... and every moment before became irrelevant...except that they prepared me for you, and made sure that I would remember to tell you every single day how much I love you, how special you are, and how if you are the reward, every single thing has been worth being loved by you.

 Someday came when I met you, my love... and every moment before became irrelevant...except that they prepared me for you, and made sure that I would remember to tell you every single day how much I love you, how special you are, and how if you are the reward, every single thing has been worth it to be loved by you.

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...and I love him...


I won't remember before and can only dare treasure the now... Names, faces, places hold no meaning.  If my life was a desert, your love is the rain transforming my abrasive grit into a garden of love and delight. I am a empty vessel standing before the flowing fountain of your love.  Perfect in reciprocity, your love calms me like waves lapping upon the shore in the sparkling sunlight or our love.  I love you, June!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

June's Journey and What Spanking Means to Her

You've seen in some previous posts that Daddy will often give me submission exercises to help me feel my place, to expand and understand my submission. These can be physical tasks, or they can be to investigate starting a blog, or to write an essay. Recently he texted me from work and instructed me to write an essay detailing how I feel about spanking, what it feels like, what it does for me and what it means to me.

What emerged was something of my road-map to our dynamic, my road-map home. I asked Daddy if I could share this here.

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We've talked about how I came into being a spanko before. I just came this way. From my earliest memories, I was fascinated by it, read and cut out all the Dear Abby & Anne Landers posts about it (I can still remember one of them by heart - how weird is that?). As a young adult, I sought stories about spanking. No Internet then, so harder to find people to connect with, or articles, forums - anything where I could have discovered more about myself and my desires. 

Then came the Internet and access to videos - and really? - . Not those crazy contrived scenes, naughty school girls,  or really heavy BDSM  There was a small percentage of them that appealed to me, and most of them had to do with discipline. And not those crazy guys who bill themselves as disciplinarians, bringing all the recalcitrant girls of the world to toe. And not the ones where girls bratted to get spanked, being deliberately disrespectful and defiant - shudders. The ones that appealed to me were the ones that addressed discipline within a relationship, where there was calmness and talking, not anger and yelling and cruel words.

When my ex left and I decided to go in search of what I wanted - needed - I had come to a basic understanding about what spanking did for my emotional state. You already know that I tend to assume responsibility for everything that goes wrong.... hence our newest rule. But I discovered that for me spanking was a way to take that intensity of emotion that I felt pretty regularly, all the stress, all the feelings of having wronged, anxiety, all those negative things, that pain inside and allowed me to transfer it to flesh and - poof - magic. I didn't know yet about DD/TTWD. Where did one go looking for someone willing to spank them?

So I started in the place I thought was the only place to start, with various BDSM 'dating' sites. Everyone just looking for a hook-up & I'm not a hook-up kinda girl. Then I found some spanking dating sites, and pretty much more of the same - I'm  going through your town, can I stop by and spank you? Excuse me? But ummmmm, NO! Then I found Fetlife, not quite as creepy, more like a social network. I found a local group and found someone I could engage with, and do a little exploring, with lots and lots of limits, and it being somewhat of a learning experience, but missing the spiritual component. It gave me some of what I was looking for, but it did not feed my soul. I found some groups with people that I could identify with, and learn more about myself and my desire to submit. I found a mentor, a very nice gentleman, who had a girl, but was willing to answer my questions, and help me understand what and who I was, and to redirect me when people tried to tell me that I was something different.

That niche from the videos, and stories -where could I find that? I kept seeking, and following leads off Fetlife, and came across the concept of DD. There was that thing that I was looking for. There were some factions that were just not for me, I'm not into the whole regimented, formulaic mode, I wanted something organic, something as easy as breathing. There I found another mentor, a woman who identified as a little, and who told me that just because I was submissive didn't mean I had to be an open book for everyone, but only for my one, when I found someone worthy of me. Worthy of me? What a foreign concept.

Then I found you, because the cosmos aligned and because I believe in an attitude of gratitude. I thought you were taken, but you weren't. And all the while I thought you were too good to be true, and certainly too good for the likes of me. And here we are. And you are perfect for puzzle piece. And for the first time, everything is as it always should have been, different than I have ever known, and what I have always dreamed of. You asked me to write what spanking feels like to me, what it does for me, what I think about it. But I had to tell you all of that first, and if you didn't know, if by some chance I have not communicated well enough what you mean to me - you're very different, you're what I have waited for all my life. And everything with you is like nothing ever before. With you I have the spiritual depth that I craved. The first time we spoke, your voice was a key that reached deep down into my belly, into some visceral place that no one ever imagined  and I felt the first turn of the key in what would be the release of my truest self. You gave me the gift of being who I was meant to be.

So for us, it is something deep that we share. For me, spanking is a very deep expression of my submission to you. It is my saying that I trust you with my body, but also with my heart, my mind, my emotions. It is saying that I trust you to understand what I need, and to be diligent in giving it,even if it might be hard, even if you might be tired. I trust that you will put us ahead of everything else, to clear away the barriers, and to ensure that we both feel our places.  I do feel safe in your hands. I feel loved and treasured that you would take the time to give me relief, take the time to establish our roles and allow me to feel soft and submitted, value us enough to clear the air of resentment and petulance and give us the gift of a clean slate, or just engage in this most intimate of acts with me. I feel honored in your acceptance of my humility, and that you lift me and show me that in your eyes, this makes me radiant and beautiful.

In terms of my submission, I don't fear any implement, they are only extensions of the hand of my love. I  lay willingly across your lap, or at your side, and even if I have transgressed, your touch is soft and full of love, your words are soft, sweet, affirming, comforting, and I would take anything that you choose to give me. I relish those little moments of intensity when I feel I might crack, and am able to breathe out that resistance and offer that to you.  I relish that you will feel that intensity, and choose that moment to extend your hand and whisper - Daddy's right here, love, here's my hand - or stop to rub and stroke my bottom, my back, my hair, to stop and speak soft words, to encourage me and speak of your love and pride.

In terms of the physicality, does it hurt? Yes, it does. It's deep stripped-down, nitty-gritty, pain, but it is pure and it is purifying, and I can offer that to you. I love you enough to bear any know that, and that knowledge is enough. Under the pain, there is the luxury of that deepest of connections. There are the moments, even in the midst of correction that speak to love, devotion, unconditionality, and forgiveness. In discipline, I feel the safety of your Dominance and control, I feel the security of my place, I feel your guardianship, I feel the pleasure that only you can bring. The pleasure is you inside my head, I feel us, pure energy, it's intoxicating and I want more. 

In terms of my emotions, I still believe it takes conflicts and anxieties inside of me and delivers them to flesh where they evaporate. It is a cleansing of all that does not belong inside me, or between us. It is the tool by which we become closer, share more, and by which I become the strongest, best person that I can be.

For us, spanking is part of the thing that defines and continues to refine us. For us it is devotion - your Dominance is your devotion unto me, and my submission is my devotion unto you. For us it is our sacrament.


As perfectly stated above, spanking is an engrained and analogous part of our DD/TTWD as well as our life as a fully functioning and communicative couple with a deeply intense bond that is further enhanced by something that is truly, uniquely and totally ours.  June and I both had the unique advantage of having not only a deep understanding and need of dominance, submission and spanking, but also a thirst to affect each other in the deepest and most heartfelt ways.

Spanking itself is a many splendored thing that even now after all of the exploration that June and I have done continues to delight and find new relevance and true comfort in the face of the chaotic world around us. Spanking unlocks June's submission and reveals the tenderest thoughts, brings emotion to surface and purifies both of our hearts.

June m'lady, I am humbled to call you mine and it is a true pleasure to be the facilitator of pleasure, pain, passion and growth in our relationship. I relish the gifts of submission and control that you honor and entrust me with. It is a true honor and the deepest of pleasures to fulfill your desires and needs... Even in correction you know my deepest love and affection. When given in pleasure my body  sings to yours and yours echos pleasure in the deepest.... it is a beauty that I've never known and don't deserve. I will guard your heart and plumb the depths of our love and because of this... this beauty within us, we will grow ever stronger in love and life.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I submit

I defer to Ward in our everyday life. There is a softness in my heart for him. I do things that serve him and our family. I take pleasure in making our home a place of comfort and respite. I enjoy them coming home from school and work to a home filled with warmth and the smells of good foods cooking and baking, and the underlying scent of lavender. I enjoy the looks of pleasure on their faces when they sink into home. That is this thing that we create. It doesn't matter where it is. It can be on vacation. It can be with family. Where ever we four are together, we are home.

In this place, in our home, we serve each other - it is our way. I will bring laundry into the living room and he will pull the basket between us and fold. I will see his glass empty and get up to refill it. He will pull my feet into his lap and massage my feet and legs. I will sit at his feet and take his boots off when he comes home and do the same, or slide behind him and massage his neck and shoulders. This is us. This is everyday.

He builds trust. He shows honor. He keeps me safe. He keeps us safe. He lifts and holds this family on his very broad shoulders. I look at him and I can see a bent and white-haired me in his eyes. He is who I was made to be with. He is my today, he is my future, he is my eternity.

Who he is calls to me. It is not just that I hear him, it is that his voice resonates deep in my soul. When he speaks, I soften and open to him. It is not just that he touches me, it is that his touch fills me with joy. It is not just that I offer him my deference, it is that I am fulfilled in bending under his hand and under his will.

I have lived my life, not enough for anyone, not the woman who bore me, not the father who sired me, not the half-brother who had the privilege of growing knowing his own worth, not the three with whom I shared my life before I met my Ward. I have stood strong and cold because I had to. I built walls that kept the hurt outside. I was strong. I was capable. I was dying inside. Then my Ward spoke in the dark. He spoke to me. His voice resonated. He gently uncurled my fingers, and took my hand. He showed me beauty I denied, suppressed because I could not bear it's rejection another time. He patiently took one brick at a time until I was exposed to his eyes. He pronounced me beautiful. He pronounced me loved.....and then he began to show me, every single day. He unlocked the secret places, and oh, how I shined for him.

Completely wanting to submit yourself, because you feel cherished, loved, safe and comfortable truely is one of the most beautiful things..


Offering trembling fingers into steady hands.He sees what no one else has seen. He accepts what no one else has ever invited. He accepts my service and calls it a gift. I am bound to him in ways I have always desired and never before realized. And in the binding he sets me free. There is nothing I would not give him. I prostrate myself before him and he lifts me up. I belong to him...completely...lucky girl.

HIS POV:      

June's love for me shine's brighter than the stars.  I gave her my heart, when I was most afraid and in kind her response was beyond expectation, beyond what I deserve, it was like a cold glass of water after being lost in the desert.  Her submission called to me when we were little more than friends, and in kind my dominance sought her out and made itself familiar to her. She knows my dreams, my fears, my shortcomings and what I struggle with... and yet, she still loves me anyway.... I am blessed beyond measure and I thank the Lord that he sent June my way... She is my greatest blessing!