Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Unpopular Choice

Very soon June and I will make a very special post that has been a long time coming. We will be addressing a issue that is very serious in nature and has affected or is affecting a very large number of  people in DD/TTWD/blogland.  Our opinion on this topic will be an honest one, we do not wish to alienate people or make people uncomfortable, but we feel that the truth needs to be said.  We hope that you understand and will understand that this is a topic that we feel very passionate about.  From the begining we have elected to espouse the virtues of honesty, communication, and healthy relationship growth and  unity and this will be just another extenstion of that.

Her POV:
As Daddy said, we hope that this is not something that will alienate our friends. But it is something about which we feel very strongly. While some may not agree with it, I hope they will understand that we speak from a place of integrity and of concern for our friends. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dual Post Number 1 (Struggling in your Role)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, We would like to invite you to come and explore a few very important issues in the first of a long line of posts that we will both be writing together.  You are used to both of us  giving our Points of View, but we thought that it might be nice for us to to collaborate on a topic.  We hope that you find this particular post to be a valuable tool in your own relationship.

Sometimes  it's hard to maintain one's role.  Sometimes It's even harder to fight down the seemingly small urges that we may develop to pull away from our partners and put up walls.  Distance doesn't work and the longer we maintain a distance, the deeper the strain on our relationships become.  So then what is the answer?

If you guessed communication, I am suitably impressed by your insight, and commend your  wisdom and prudence!  In all seriousness, from this HoH's perspective, I value when June comes to me and communicates exactly what she needs, and when she needs it.  I must also appreciate the effort that it takes to come forward with an issue as well as understanding the newness of this feeling. In many instances, June didn't have the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about what she needed. Sometimes it would be easier to be stand-offish, distant, snappy, or outright rude to each other, but I think we all know, that that isn't the answer.

It would seem that the best thing to do is talk openly and honestly about what we need without expecting the other person to be psychic or perfect and to do so without being manipulative or overly expectant without fully vocalizing what we truly need.  Honesty, and effort count for a lot, especially when we are already tired from day to day life... Listening intently is a big first step, but honest and realistic communication are also important.  I have many skills, but I'll be the first to admit that I am not a mind reader, knowing this I also know that I have to make myself available and admit my own errors... Nobody is perfect, but we must all keep ourselves accountable and act accordingly.

(June here) What do you mean you're not psychic?  You know me very well, and sometimes it does seem that you're psychic. But as much as we keep each other center and the most important thing to each other, I have to acknowledge that you need transition time, that after a long day at a job that wears on you that you may not have all your faculties at their sharpest

At those times I could communicate that I need something, or I could get short and stroppy and all in a snit - and then I don't get the gg I may be seeking and instead get one of those spankings I don't want, and that really takes away from our evening. It never really gets in the way, you don't let it. You take us past the point that there are any secrets or unspoken feelings or slights, nothing to take root and fester. I appreciate that - though at the time I may be holding tightly onto whatever insecurities or needs that I have thinking I am saving you....from what??? I have to ask when my mind is far more rational....from a peaceful night? From a soft, submitted woman?

I truly don't understand why I sometimes hold with a death grip to those walls and vestiges of distance - they feel horrid. Sometimes it is hard to get past that point, and as much as I may be ambivalent about the "we have all night, little one, let me in" when it is spoken, I am grateful that you push me to the place that I am most comfortable. I'm not perfect, I am far from perfect. The thing I appreciate most is that you understand that, don't demand that, and help me even those times that I will not ask.

The other times, most times, I will ask. You are my man, you are my Daddy....if our dynamic was different I would be comfortable calling you my Master.... you are master of my heart and soul - you are my lover, you are my leader, you are my world. If I cannot trust you to help me, even if it takes time, even if it is painful, who can I trust?  I trust no one more. So I come, with an implement, or a weight on my shoulders and lay myself across your lap, or into your arms and lay my wet cheeks into the crook of your neck, and I know that I am home, and I know that the pain is transitory, and I know that your love will permeate my heart, and push out all that does not belong.  I lay myself in your hands, and that is home.

June love, you know me as well as I do and I know you need time for yourself, with two active boys that demand attention and care you routinely impress me with your "Mom skills" and make the time and effort to ensure that our home is clean, and comfortable and for that I thank you.

You are my woman, my love, my mate,  my heart, my submissive and I would call you  my slave where it so. You are my lover, my best friend, my universe and I am so very grateful that you allow me to guide and lead you. You have given me the privilege and responsibility of guarding your heart. Your confidence in my leadership and your warmth even when you are tired, and I am not at my best warms my heart and when you are wrapped up in Daddy's embrace... that is indeed home.

Sometimes the death grip is evidence of your need for my love, even when it hurts you know that I am not going anywhere and if it takes me proving that everyday of forever you know that despite fatigue and frustration, despite the fears that need to be overcome, that you have my deepest love and that I will give you my whole heart, kiss away the tears, and reach out through the darkness to bring you home.

As evidenced by the unity displayed, let us design to entreat each other with love and fullness. When we struggle we can only learn from our mistakes and grow from them. To give each other the depth and richness deserved in great relationship we cannot and will not settle for less, we will not short change each other, even when I am tired, or it is difficult to speak we will both stand up for each other and what is ours!

Daddy, I can't think of a moment that I do not ache with need for you. I crave that closeness, the warmth of your skin on mine, your breath on my hair, your lips to my forehead, I crave the way I feel with you, the smallness, the safeness, the security... it is what I have never had, and sometimes I feel that fear that I could lose it so intensely, that is where my walls come from, but you know that. For whatever ridiculous reason the day throws up in my path, somehow I see you walking the other way, even though you never have. And the walls come up to protect myself.... ridiculous to protect yourself from the person you most want in the world.

These are the times my submission slips, those times I feel my vulnerability and like the emperor realize I have no clothes - nothing to protect myself, but from what? You protect me from everything - even myself.  Yes, I sometimes need you to pull my submission out from behind the walls I construct, they only serve to harm me, harm you, harm us. These are the times I struggle to be my truest self. These are the times I am wrapped up so tight in my fear that I cannot breathe... until I take that step to ask for your help, or I find the strength to submit when you bid it, for just that moment it takes for you to grip the wall and begin to pull and when the walls come crashing down, you are always there to shield me, to protect me, and to put my heart back together. How could I ever navigate through this world without you?

You ask me at those times is not your love enough? Is not your grace enough? Have you not proven your truth in love for me? It is enough, and you have proven beyond any measure. And for a while it is enough to quiet the voice that says I am not enough and I do not deserve you. I thank you for your diligence and your steadfastness, and that you do not weary of teaching me, of erasing a lifetime of belief in fallacy, of cultivating my submissive heart, of letting me find home for the first time, and I thank you, most simply and yet most profoundly, for loving me.

My sweet June, I can feel it when you struggle, and my heart near threatens to burst in my chest.  It is my job to fulfill you, to love you and to lift you when you struggle to walk beside you and give you my best even when things aren't easy, I will take that step to put the world down and pick you up, to bring the wall down and draw you out with a loving heart and a deep, loving desire to see you and our relationship lifted. I want to thank you again for letting me love you and for being submissive to me when I know it isn't always easy or fair. Your grace is amazing and I know that in my heart, I am a changed man for the better because of you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart... You are what I longed for in the days of my youth, and you are the comfort in my age... you are everything, my heart.

 It is easy to see that love in abundance is an important part of our relationship. We thank you all for reading and wanted to show you the real, raw side of Ward and June. We struggle too.  Sometimes we keep it close to the vest, sometimes we are quiet about it and don't blog about it until we have clearer eyes to assess the journey but, we also know that growth can be and is painful sometimes. We have learned that communicating our needs without preying on each other's emotions, or being manipulative is absolutely vital to our communication process.  Staying connected, even when we struggle is an art and we by no means have mastered it, but the one thing we take deep comfort in is knowing that we will be there for each other for the whole journey! Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Strength and Softness and Balance


 Strength... The word has defined my life.  I understand it deeper all the time, and I respect it's something that I have had to have all of the days of my life.  When I was a child, I never measured up to the expecations of it... And now sometimes I have to learn that their are other things in life that mean so much more than mere strength.  I'm 6'4 275lbs and I am strong... sometimes, I let my youngest hang off of my arm and enjoy that expression of wonder and brightness that only exists in the very young. Still, next to mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, my physical strength is nothing. There are things I don't like to talk about, and I promise that I won't get into here, but I have definitely seen more than my share of hard times throughout my life. The battles of the heart and mind are the toughest for me and that seems to have been the case since I was young. Still sometimes I must remind myself that at times there are no easy answers and there are no shortcuts  when it comes to dealing with the minds and hearts of the ones that I hold dear, the ones that look to me for answers.


 Sometimes the physical expression of my strength comes in handy and in fact is quite useful.  I am a good one to know when there is moving to be done, I'm deceptively athletic and am often able to parlay these physical skills into completing work and work related task quicker and more efficiently. I am prouder still of the mental and  emotional strength that I am able to provide my family with. Our boys have special needs  and many times they need a stable, male influence that provides  mentorship, confidence, and a voice of experience. I know that they haven't always had that, and it thrills me when I am able to help them see the actualization of their own potential.  More than strength alone, I have also realized that somtimes, more than just goal oriented focus and a direct, stern approach, they also need my unconditional acceptance, patience, and wisdom.  As I pondered these things, It became abundantly clear that these concepts can and should be easily applied to a DD/TTWD relationship. 


 Throughout our relationship, I have learned and discovered that sometimes my initial thoughts on a subject or experience often require a second look... We both put a lot of work into this relationship, and I am one HoH who is ready to admit that he cares enough to be worried about the message that he sends his Wife.  Sometimes I don't always communicate well... and while I'm not proud of the way that I've handled everything, I generally feel that we do a good job of giving each other the respect, honor and attention that we as individuals deserve, but also as a couple... Sometimes a direct, logic-oriented approach just isn't the answer. Sometimes we get the most mileage and growth by making ourselves emotionally available to each other when we are at our most vulnerable.  Our life is often hectic, loud, noisy, and full of interesting little twists and turns that often leave us frazzled... it goes without saying that a frazzled husband or wife does not make for a smooth relationship environment.  Thus, it behooves me, the HoH, to be mindful of his words and deeds and balanced in his approach to his relationship.


Sometimes being my June's soft landing place, her shoulder to cry on and her ear to listen when things aren't easy is a something that I am proud to be able to give her.  Balancing strength, discipline, love, and  reciprocity yields big benefits, and while I don't always get everything right... She loves me enough to let me learn, let me grow, and do the same for me when I need it... I really don't want to think about where I would be if it weren't for June.. Even when I am not at my best she shows me that she loves me, she doesn't just tell me, she shows that she has faith in me... faith in us and in turn, this gives me the kind of confidence that a HoH requires in order to be effective... I am blessed and thankful to be able to count on my June for love, support and understanding and I hope that she can say the same of me. 


Finding the balance between strength and softness and recognizing these same qualities within each other is a very helpful tool when we are finding each other through stress and day to day life. It gives us a guide in the difficult times and highlights and accentuates the good times.  We hope that you all have an opportunity to see what Balancing strength and softness can do for your relationship... You won't be disappointed.

Her POV:

Have I mentioned how very much I like it when Daddy calls me 'his June'? How very warm and like an enchanted princess it makes me feel?...

I have never had any one I could depend on I was always the one who had to be strong for everyone. And it wore me out. I wonder sometimes that Daddy can continue to exhibit that strength of heart and of character I worry that it will wear on him as well. But he seems to thrive on it. And it is so lovely to be able to sink into him.

I know that we have very high and exacting standards for our relationship, but in all reality I think Daddy is too hard on himself regarding how he communicates. I have never had anyone who cares so deeply about hearing my concerns and communicating well.

And in those times when it is hard, when I shut down, and he pulls it out of me, and I'm sure he will run for the hills, he never does. He uses that strength to pull out those things from my heart, and then he holds me up when I am sure I cannot go another step.

I do have faith in my Daddy and slowly he's teaching me to have faith in myself. I am proud of my Daddy, and what he brings to our family. I am proud of how well we communicate, I am proud of this man who has been along so long, and never exposed to children, let alone sometimes difficult children, and a definitely difficult woman, can hold us up and steer us in the right direction as a productive, cohesive unit that moves with grace and unity.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



I am only human. I have many faults. I have a hamster that spins fear into great big insurmountable entities, that can cower me, make me hide. When that happens my walls go up, and, oh Lord, they go up fast and as hard as I can make them.

I have been guilty of building some walls lately. Some I was not even really aware of, until he told me. Even when he told me I was too wrapped up in my own self to see how that made him feel. I was too wrapped up in my hurt to feel his. Instead of asking, I mistook his attempt to be strong, for him being cavalier. I thought that meant he was not so affected by the pending potential separation. And that gave my hamster lots of fuel to spin fast and furious.

Daddy called a summit. It wasn't fun, and it wasn't easy. It hurt. It was hard, and I wanted to run away, but he didn't let me. Did the walls come down right then? No. I took what Daddy said and stuffed it with all the other 'stuff' behind my walls. Not cozy those walls, no, they are crowded, and noisy, and there are so many things jammed down inside there that they pinch and poke and stick you. I apologized, and vowed to do better, and I received better than I deserved from him.

The next day, I went about my day, seeing him off to work, getting the kids ready for school, planning meals, cleaning, working, folding laundry. As I sat here, folding, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, bricks from the quickly constructed wall, tumbling all around me. You see, he didn't bring the wall down right away, he planted seeds that grew behind the wall, and pushed it down from the inside.

I hugged the clothes to me and wet them anew with my tears. I had been selfish. I had been so consumed with fear of him not being where he was 'supposed' to be, that I robbed both of us of love, and comfort and intimacy. I forgot to express my pride in him, in us, and in so doing, I chipped away at his confidence and maybe even his pride in himself. I was so wrapped up in the fact that the Navy could keep us apart yet again, that I lost sight of us.

The seeds he planted ensured that none of those bricks would come down and crush me, but I sat in the rubble, convicted, and so regretful that I had not remembered to build him up, that I had not remembered to show my pride and respect for what he has accomplished in his career, and my pride and respect because of the kind of man that he is.

You see, there are about 313,914,040 people in this country. There are 340,001 active duty troops in the US Navy. and about 60,000 sailors manning the submarine fleet. My Daddy has accomplished what only 18% of Naval personnel has accomplished and what only 1.9% of the population of the United States has done. 

When I could see, and breathe normally, I sent him an email, because I can't call him when he is working. I told him that I was insanely proud of him, and what he has accomplished, and that I saw the him beyond his career, and I was insanely proud of the man that he is. I told him that I am proud of his intelligence, and his humor, his bravery, his confidence and his honor. I told him that I would shout that pride from the rooftops, that it was carved into my heart, soul and mind, and that I would carve it into my flesh, and be proud to wear his mark.


So we talked again, when he got home, this time with the walls down, and my heart ...and his...raw and bared to the other. And good things came from the pain. We vowed never to try to spare the other our feelings - that is dishonesty and it is distance. Even when it's hard we will speak the truths of our heart...even when it's hard to say...even when it's hard to hear. But we'll listen and get through it together. We renewed the vow to speak our love and our pride every day. I promised to ask my questions instead of letting the hamster feed on fear. And I promised to never let my fear get in the way of telling him just how very proud of him I am... every single day.


Sometimes, it's not easy, sometimes, to see each other, really see each other we have to go beyond our own field of vision. Distance is harmful all the time and in order for us to see that, we must allow our partner to voice their concern, keep us honest and help us up out of the rubble once the walls do come crashing down.
I will say this, June has always stood by me through thick and thin, and We have both gone through a lot. In regard to being a military spouse, I could not ask better of June that she has given me and I know how difficult it is, how painful it is and how it makes just basic communication harder. Even when she puts up walls, even when it  is obvious that she hurts, even when she draws away I love her harder, pull her closer, and keep our relationship at the front of my mind and heart.

Distance makes it harder to see our greatest blessings in both each other and the life that we share and for the good of our relationship, I took and will always take a stand against the quiet, against the intentional distance and against emotional hiding... and I will do that because I love my June just that much.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Difficult Conversations


Have you ever had to talk about something hard? Did you dread the potential reaction? Well folks, it's as inevitable as a rainy day or taxes.  There is unpleasantness that must addressed in a timely fashion.  As an HoH, I'm aware of many different things, and I do indeed attempt to keep "The Big Picture" in mind when I have to make decisions or have conversations I must be mindful of my choice of words, my own emotions and her reception to, not only my words, but my intent.

Admittedly, my natural inclination is going to be to look at things from my own point of view.. I've learned over time and through observation that  a black and white view isn't always conductive to a healthy conversation... especially if it isn't an easy or fun one. It's not a state secret that men and women tend to think and react differently on different subjects... but in all honesty that is a very valuable thing.  Sometimes June's honest, open feedback has been the difference between a good decision and a decision that could have potentially adverse effects on our family's well being and our relationship's well being.


There are a lot of different subjects that can bring stress merely by being broached. Money, school, life, kids, even and especially DD/TTWD.  Stress can and sometimes does make it hard to see past our own ideas, opinions and fears, I don't need to tell anyone how much harder that this makes communication. If I'm honest, I can admit that sometimes I am wrong. I depend on June to not only keep me honest, but to bring a much needed point of view that can help me make the best decisions, work through my own personal issues and help our relationship improve and grow.


Along with knowing how to listen as well as talk... sometimes environmental factors have to be considered as well. We all know how hard it is to talk about something serious when there are a thousand distractions in  the environment around us, and sometimes it's not quite as simple as simply turning off the tv, shushing the children or asking someone to call back later.  Every day beckons and finds a way to distract us as well.... After school sports, PTA meetings, play dates, errands, grocery store trips etc... I believe these things, while a vital part of living and raising a family can add to an already packed schedule... we have a responsibility to each other, our children and our relationship to remain at the highest levels of functionality.  We don't like to let problems or issues  stagnate and, generally we are pretty good about handling things before the sun goes down (we make it a point) but sometimes, our kids, being the kids that they are, keep us on our toes.


Sometimes we find that quiet place between loving and sleeping... We talk about our day, the next day, work, the kids, bills and sometimes even those things that aren't so easy to confront. We hold each others hands, give each other a chance to speak without interruption and look deep into the others eyes. We talk.  We talk about everything and even when we have to talk something that isn't easy to hear or respond to, we find ourselves. We find each others honesty refreshing.  Prior to us, both of us had been involved with people who weren't so good for us, and in many instances not invested in the  communication like we are with each other and again this change is very exciting for us, and it never gets old.. We find and make new opportunities to make our relationship better, grow past our own limitations and become better people for each other and our families.


It's not always easy to find the opportunities that make communication let alone the difficult conversations possible, but we would encourage everyone to find or make time to do so. Not only will you gain better insight of your place in your relationship, but you will also gain greater insight to yourself!

Her POV:

Maybe because of the the lives we lived before 'us', maybe because of the way we started, maybe because of his career, maybe for countless other reasons, we hold the privilege of communication in almost a sacred place. We have not always had the ability to just reach out for assurance, for help, for love - oh we always knew it was there, but those tangible things, touch, a kiss, a look across the room, a soft smile - we missed those things, and we held onto each other.

We did that because in the times we had, we filled up on each other. We made sure the other knew that without them, there is just no sense to any of the other things... they are hollow, and vastly meaningless without your One. We go through the motions, and we wait for the day we can take a big deep breath and feel like we're living again...that day when we fill our lungs with the scent of each other, and breathe for the first time in months.

So when those opportunities come up to communicate, to grow, to learn, to back up our words with action, we relish it - even when it's hard, even when there may be tears, even when we have to take a breath and hold back that angry tone, even when we are tired, even when it may result in discipline, even when it might result in correction. Why? Because when we communicate, when we allow ourselves to strip down before our One, we become stronger. We become us. We become beautiful, and burnished and we shine.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a little humor

Grumpy Cat 1 - Like a good neighbor Stay over there
Grumpy Cat 1 - soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of no

Grumpy Cat 1 - ROW ROW YOUR BOAT GENTLY OFF A CLIFFGrumpy Cat 1 - I think i might be emotionally constipated i haven't given a shit in days
Naughty but FUNNY!

Success Kid - Started my computer Adobe doesn't need an update                                        Philosoraptor - if tomatoes are fruit isn't ketchup technically a smoothie?

Philosoraptor - if you say something is indescribable are you not describing it?                                Philosoraptor - if aliens are LOOKing for intelligent life Why are american's scared? 

MR bean - have you ever read my book? 50 shades of bean


  Just a little humor - cause I needed a laugh. Hope it gives you a smile.          


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Renewal (Spring has Sprung!)



Unless the robin with a worm in his bill is confused, it appears that spring has indeed sprung!
After a long winter, cold, dark, wet, etc, winter, it is indeed good to see signs of warmth and life returning.  The sky is a lovely robin's egg blue complete with fluffy white clouds. The grass has become lively and green suddenly overnight  (a reminder that soon I and our oldest will be mowing it) I can almost picture the first cookout of the season and I can't wait to break out my trusty old fishing pole.  Indeed life is good, and with in a few short weeks in addition to shorts and flip-flops, we will have the first faint visions of summer.  Spring is often associated with the rebirth, refreshment, and renewal of life and resources.  We consider the concept of renewal and it can easily be applied to our lives and our lifestyle.


Renewal speaks to the effort that we give our relationships, it speaks to our desire to seek that which is greater than common and yes, it speaks to what we hold closest in this world. This won't be an overly long or wordy post, but as spring dawns and we shake off the insulated grip of the winter blahs, we would encourage you to seek the sunny warmth of  each other.  Winter with it's short, dark , wet days can sometimes have more than just a negative visual effect, it has been proven that winter and emotions tend to magnify each other. Ever had a day that shouldn't have been so difficult? Unnecessary communication hiccups? Arguments about nothing? I won't put all the blame on winter, but as you can probably atest, the darkness and rough weather don't help either.  Thus we turn to each other for light and warmth. The comfort that men and women find each other is often a superlative source of  confidence and strength.


Spend some time this weekend rediscovering, and reawakening to each other. Go for a long drive, fire up the grill, spend some time outdoors with each other. Spend some time sharing with each other and renewing the bonds that you have developed, along with a deeper closeness, and a richer communication. From our family to yours, we hope that you all enjoy and delight in the first fruits of the season. Celebrate not just the time of year, but the commitment you have to each other in your hearts!

Her POV:                    

I have recurrent major depression, so lack of sun sometimes weighs heavy on me. By the end of a long winter, it feels like I am swaddled down so deep under piles and piles of blankets. When the weather becomes more mild, and I see those hopeful little blossoms poke their heads above the ground, I feel like those weights slide down my arms and off. And I look forward to having my hands in the dirt. It's kind of emotionally symbolic...kind of  a physical expression of the renewal of which Daddy speaks.

Those are things we love to do, plant, do our chores to brighten and renew our environment and then sit in our garden,  smell the good smells of earth, and green, and hold hands watching the kids do acrobatics on the slip-n-slide, and welcoming cold wet little bodies into our towel lined arms. And then there are hose fights washing the car or water the gardens. Finishing up the day with a cool breeze and Daddy's grill skills or a cold picnic on the lawn.

It's funny, but none of the things that we value cost a cent. It's that connection. It's the value of time that we give each other. It's the investment in each other. Taking that time to listen, to actually hear, to connect with no distractions, to touch, not only an arm, a face, but hearts and souls...what a wonderful way to rededicate ourselves to the ones that matter most.                          

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have been struggling with this post for a while. Then today we had a moment, Daddy and I. It's actually been an ongoing moment. You see, we have been hoping that things would gel and conditions would be right to let Daddy leave the military early. Well, things have happened, and Daddy injured his ankle. So he is now disallowed from the process that would have allowed him to leave and be with us, without interruption. So this turned from a post I am struggling with, into a submission exercise. I don't know if this will get published

When he came off the sub, he went to a temporary command waiting for orders. We were rather counting on the process resulting on his being released. He accepted orders to the closest support facility. Because of the boys, and the problems they have with adjustment, and the relatively short time till his contract is satisfied, the boys and I will not be going with him. I'm having a hard time with this. I thought we were done with separation forever.

What does that have to do with this post? I get angry. It's very un-June-like. I apologize. I don't know, as I said if this will get published. Right now this is for him. If it does and someone gets butthurt, I apologize in advance. This is June unfiltered. I'm making this for him and I. Oh, right - the post - keep getting off track.

I get angry. I read sometimes and sometimes just walking in the world-  and I see women with the advantage of waking up with their men every single day, with no worries of having him ripped away. I see women who say they want to submit and then fight their mens' leadership. And I get angry.


I wonder if they know the impossible odds of finding that one person who fits out of all this vast sea of humanity?  I wonder if they the feel the fit of his puzzle piece against theirs, snugging  the places that were loose and vulnerable and insecure, and making them strong and unified and safe?

I wonder if  they realize that they have a privilege? A privilege to wake up in the night and feel his heat at their back, to hear his snore. To walk back in from the bathroom and see the lump of his form under the covers and hopefully feel that swell of love burst in their chest, as they race across the floor to curl up against him in the dark. I wonder if they know what a privilege it is to reach a hand absently beside them and have the security of brushing his?

I wonder if they realize the privilege of making dinner for their family, and setting a place at the head of the table, of not having to gaze at that empty space and feel their heart break and stuff it down so the children do not see?

I wonder if they realize that, in most cases they brought DD to the table, asked him to lead. And if they cherish that he takes that responsibility seriously? I wonder if they consider their art, their acquiescence, rather than that knee-jerk contention? I wonder if they know how tenuous all of life is?


I wonder if they realize that they have the privilege of having that man next to them in this moment, and how many women do not have that luxury? I wonder if they understand how many women live in fear of that distance, of that separation? It's a simple thing. It's something no woman - no couple -  who loves so deeply and so genuinely should ever have endure. And I get angry.

I am selfish. I want that privilege of lack of fear. I am selfish. I admit it. I am flawed. I own that. I want my man right next to me. I want his voice and his guidance, and his love, every moment of every single day. I want the absence of fear. I want the privilege of bowing to him, I want the privilege of submitting to him, every moment of every day. I want the privilege of feeling myself under his hand. I want it. I crave it. I need it. No amount of being his will ever be enough.

And I wonder, do you know how lucky you are? Are you aware of the privileges you have?


HIS POV:    
It is a privilege to wake up every morning to lead our family and to see your heart ache so, June, it makes my eyes mist and water.. One day the military chapter of our life will be over and new challenges and blessings await us. Indeed it is a hard thing to watch others struggle so with the blessings that we lack and in the wake of these emotions anger is a very natural and normal reaction.

This post is a post about pure honesty and without putting names to it, we'd like to say that the emotions so rawly and obviously displayed here are not directed towards any one person or persons, it is not our intent to cause hard feelings but  we do readily wish to convey how we feel.

Sometimes it is hard dealing with these things, the desire for assurance and family are desires I have held since entering the military over a decade ago.. Still, I do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard and one day, someday I hope that our children can see that even when it was difficult, even when it was heartbreaking that I did my duty like an honorable man... Giving way to sacrifice, I love my family and  though I grind my teeth I can understand how you feel, I love you and thank you for your support even when the night was blackest and day was longest... I thank you for being who you are and for contributing heavily to who we are... thank you, my love.