June's Rules

 These are the rules we currently have. Ward adds to them as he sees the need.
1) No disrespect 
     This is pretty straightforward. I will speak to Ward respectfully at all times.
2) No disobedience
     Another pretty straightforward rule, I will conduct myself in a manner that respects our rules and our vision for our family.
3) No dishonesty
     Whether directly or by omitting information, dishonesty will not be tolerated in our family. 
4) No danger
      This is THE major spankable offense, no texting & driving, no drinking & driving, no doing  anything that endangers the children or myself. 
5) No distance
     This is my major struggle, but we have come to an agreement, if I need some space to figure things out before addressing them with Ward,  
      I may tell him that I am processing, so that he knows that I am not deliberately distancing, but I am having trouble identifying the issue.
6) No self-deprecation
     I may not speak negatively about myself. And technically, doing so is disrespectful to Ward, I belong to him, and I am therefore questioning 
     his judgement.
7) No bad language
     We wish to represent our family better than to use vulgarity, and we also wish to set a good example for our children.
8) I will engage in self-care
     I will remember that I must meet my own physical and emotional needs before I can take care of  the needs my family, or my friends. 
9) No fit-throwing         
     I am able to communicate my needs and frustrations clearly, effectively and with maturity. Fits, even 'silence' are clear disrespect and will 
    not be tolerated. (this one kind of overlaps #1, #2, #5 - it was not my finest moment, but because it happened, it earned it's own rule).
10) No resistance of any kind during any kind of spanking 
    I will not put my hands back, feet up, clench, or pop off Ward's lap during any kind of spanking, be it play/gg, discipline or correction. I don't, 
     never have, this is just one of those just in case rules.
11) No forgetting to eat, eat at regular intervals to prevent blood sugar dropping 
    I sometimes forget to eat (yes, big girls forget to eat, too) and I try to do too much. This rule came after I passed out at our oldest's school 
    orientation after donating blood and a morning full of appointments.
12) I will not say "You're the Daddy" to avoid sharing my thoughts, feelings, ideas. 
      I may say it as an acknowledgement of his authority, but I may not use that to hide from difficult conversations
13) I will not blame myself during stressful situations.  
We will talk through it and get to a healthier place together. If Daddy is at work, I will stop until I can talk with him.
14) I will not 'lose' implements, even ones I'm not particularly fond of
15) I am no longer permitted to estimate my own worth.
 I underestimate and often do not see my value and the value of my contributions. Daddy sees my efforts clearly, and I am to accept his pleasure in me and how I serve him as the true measure of my worth. 

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