Saturday, February 23, 2013

E-rotica Post #001



Hello folks, Ward here.  I am introducing a new series of DD/TTWD erotic writings, adventures and stories that will be found exclusively here on our blog.  These writings are 100% original,  and have an emphasis on romance, dominance, submission and the space that lies between a Man and his Lady.  I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Who knows? This may just become a regular feature around here! So come on in, take off your shoes, and pop open that bottle of wine.


 The candles flicker and dance to cast  long shadows on the bedroom wall and fill the room with warmth in stark contrast to the cold, beading drops of rain pattering against the window.  Contrast shared by silk and leather, chain and lace, she waits bound hand and foot and blind to all but the dominance she craves. As I walk in the air goes out and the shared gasp we form is eclipsed only by her soft, sweet femininity.  "Good Girl"  I whisper it softly and take a hand full of hair. I bring her lips to mine and kiss her forehead before kissing her lips again and letting my lips dance from her mouth to that special place where her neck and shoulder meet.  She writhes and murmurs beneath my lips, waiting, anticipating wanting... "No little one, I will take my time, I will savor this moment, and the moments to follow. In you I will celebrate beauty and give voice to the passions you provoke... Up!"  One word. A simple command. She obeys. She blossoms under my hand and presents her mind, her body for attention and enrichment.

 She reaches for me, instinctively knowing my position in the room despite the veil over her eyes. I scold her softly and remind her to keep her position. She murmurs obedience as I begin to undress. I remove my hat, shirt and shoes and stop to savor her position, to appreciate it, to relish in her obedience and take this most beautiful gift to my center.  I cup each of her breasts and enjoy the fullness of them in my hand. My fingers gently roll her nipples between them. As they harden, her soft gasps are music to my ears and tonic to my thoughts and dreams.  Fingers and toes grip the sheets as tease her clit with deft finger and pleasurable intent. Sensation rocks her body and she fights it...She fights that urge to break her position... she struggles but she finds her submission again and clings to it.   I tell her how beautiful she is, how she makes my heart swell and my mind swim with the love and passion that she brings me not just in the now when it is easy, but even when things are hard, or when I am at my worst she loves me... she presents to me, she brings me peace she is my everything.

I slide my belt through the loops giving her that belt-whoosh sound that she loves so much.  I crack the belt in my hands and tell her my desires, my expectations that she will take these blows like a good girl, even when it gets intense, I tell her how proud I am of her for taking this bravely.  She affirms this, affirms me with a quiet whisper and when the belt cuts the air and  licks her soft, plush bottom, she keeps still, concentrates and breathes out softly. The strap rises and falls, leaving a beautiful lattice of red stripes that speak to the heat of the moment and our dedication in role.  Just when she thinks she can take no more, loving hands rub and massage.... She moans low and soft, she loves the combination of the searing heat and the loving softness that brings her back to me.  She floats in her submission leaving behind the stress that school, the kids, the bills and life brings.  I fight back my own desire knowing she needs more still.  She's beyond intensity now, she floats on a sea of tranquil head space and deep submission.  She floats on, yet her body responds to the call of mine and the air around us is perfumed with the heady scent of true love.

The strap now, the "yummy" one as she calls it. I flick my wrist and stripe her bottom with it.  Over and over my arm rises and falls and in response she raises her bottom and spreads her legs to receive sensation and welcome pleasure. The strap away I use my hand now... cupping and squeezing her hot bottom, I spank on and add the welcome sensation of sliding a finger against her clit, faintly at times and twisting between my finger and thumb at others, I have her at my mercy.  The familiar sting of the brush jolts her out of her revelry, but remind her that she is mine and that I am hers, nearly finished the spanking continues as three fingers slide inside her and open her for me. Pussy pulsing, cock hardening, wall shaking, I slide into her filling her with pleasure and light. Making love we reach the stars and in sweet embrace we find who we really are. More than just a feeling, more than just each other, we find ourselves. Her bonds now removed, she receives the light and relishes the moment, tasting it with hungry lips and ravenous heart. I growl mine in hear ear, and  she blushes when I tell her to "let this be a lesson to you, young lady." She says, "Yes sir," and pulls me into her arms, tight and strong. She clings to me and I to her. We tether each other in a world adrift and anchor ourselves to our own world. I am her king and she is my queen and that is how it should be. Every day we renew the vigilance to our love. She whispers in my ear. Words meant only for man and wife. I smile as I blush and whisper in her ear the things a wife needs to hear from her husband. These precious hours, this precious life.. this precious woman..  I drift to sleep, yet inside her still coupled and complete, warm and strong, sweet and powerful this love has no comparison




  1. Lovely Ward. I wanted to be her (minus the belt-too scarey for me); feel him circling and those hands. Yes, you took me to a very sweet place. Time to find Luther!

    Love, Isabella

  2. So beautiful!

    Hugs to you both


  3. @Molded By Him - Smiles, so very glad you enjoyed this little bit of writing. I hope to do it more often!
    @Pocahontas Smith - Thanks so much P, Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I hope you write more often, you capture the emotions beautifully!
    hugs abby

  5. Ward that was greaaaaaaaaaaat. Reminds me of the most perfect night last week with my man. The way you write its seems so real.. Just Great

  6. Very very sexy writing, Ward. My goodness, it is hot in here all of a sudden.

  7. I enjoyed reading it very much.

  8. Wow Ward! So steamy and so beautifully written. You have such an eloquent way of writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I hope you do make it a regular feature!


  9. Loved it!! I hope you do write more!
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. WOW! Beautifully written Ward, and through all the steam (yup, getting very hot in here), the love and devotion shine through. Please do make this a regular feature.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  11. Reading this, just made me feel happy.
    Well done and it would be wonderful as a regular feature.

  12. @abby - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed this little scribbling, I will try to write more often!
    @Annie - Thank you! I love to write erotica, and glad that it was good for you and your fella.
    @sunnygirl - Thanks! I had a blast writing it!
    @ians mrs - Thank you, I hope you can go find Ian and share it with him!
    @trazuredpet - I had lots of fun writing it for everyone to read!
    @Roz - The votes are in.... This will be a regular feature around here
    @Anonymous - Thank you so much, glad you stopped by!
    @Cat - Thanks Cat, the love and devotion are recurring themes around here no?
    @Bleuame - Thank you for reading and it is most definatly the first of many!

  13. You have such a way with words!
    Please write more!

    Jack's Jill

  14. @ Jack Jill - Thank you for reading jack jill! love writing for folks!


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