Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Delightful (Erotica)

Water clings to your curves
in a passionate embrace.
You've always taken my breath away
when you step out of the tub
but somehow tonight is different.

Your eyes sparkle wickedly
and somehow they challenge me,
dare me to come to you...
to take what is mine.

You're still wet
when the towel falls away from you
and as I embrace you,
the water soaks my skin
through my shirt
and I laugh not caring,
knowing that in time
you will cling to me
and bring me to my utmost.

You squeal playfully
and kick those luscious legs
as I begin to spank
that delightfully round backside of yours...

I love the way you grind
against my knee,
the way you seem
to raise your bottom into my waiting hand,
the way your bottom bounces, jiggles, and reddens
and the way you spread your legs for me.

You give me access to all of you,
not just your body
and I honor your gift
with my devotion to your growth, happiness and love....

We move forward
and you do that thing you do...
 you know,
the one where those endorphins
catapult you into that special place,
the place you need to go
to feel complete, safe and happy.

I sigh as we wind down
and for a moment
I just want to hold you.
Your warm red ass
grinding against me....
arousing me
taking me through the cycle of feelings
I get for you making me want you...
making me take you...

I slide against your warm wetness
and in that moment
we are complete.

 I hold you in my arms afterwards
and in our security
I find inspiration.
I sigh,
and recount the day to be treasured
before sleep finds me...
it was delightful.

Ward ~ 4-2011

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