Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Examining Submission Journaling Exercise - Day 8

Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Yes, Daddy and I have talked about this, and we're not sure how you can have this kind of relationship without having a correction dynamic. If he is my authority he has to have some way to make corrections. Yes, we're both huge spankos. Yes spanking is still an effective consequence.

Correction is much different than either maintenance/reassurance/stress relief (which have all the nice fuzzies, gentle strokes, words, kisses), and good-girls. I've only been corrected once. It started for me as soon as Daddy expressed displeasure. I was immediately remorseful, because I dislike disappointing him. That put me in the frame to accept correction, to actually need it to feel like the air between us is cleared.

The common thread in all the different kinds of spanking is that it allows me to express and to feel my submission to him. And it allows him to express and to feel his Dominance. It makes me feel safe, secure, loved, and grounded.


  1. We're very much the same. I know, not really connected to this *exactly,* but when I'm in a vulernable position, that's when I feel most submissive.

  2. Yes, do you find yourself making yourself vulnerable to him? I have this thing I do, it is totally unconscious, and I only realized I do it when I said 'I want to do this' in a letter - when he lowers his head to kiss me, I bare my throat to him.

  3. Yup, I have noticed doing the neck thing, but more often during naughty time. When he kisses me though, I lean my forehead toward his.

    1. Not just naughty time - anytime he's giving off 'that' vibe, I do it. If it's a Daddy moment - I press my forehead to his lips. But...and I don't know what it is, a scent, a look, a tone, - all of the above - 'THAT' vibe, I do it.


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