Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inside of You (Erotica)

The waves of energy
break against your back.
I pin you to the ground
with my passion at a point.

Your hot skin presses
against my loins
 freezing and shattering my inhibitions
and lowering me into lust.

The part I keep hidden
except in the wake of your hazel/green eyes
burst through to the surface
and as I thrust inside of you
I scream my passion
and drive my energy deeper inside of you.

Each stinging slap
drives you closer to the edge
that you so long to go over.
Each bite makes you moan
and takes your breath away
at the same time.

But it is only when I lick,
suck and thrust deep inside of you
that you scream my name
and scratch my back.

You made your choice
and you honor me
with the offer of your sweet, soft body's caress...
and I can do more than just take what it is mine...
I can spend forever in your eyes
deep inside of you...

Ward~ 2011

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