Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Prince and His Princess (Poetry)

Every little girl
Dreams of her very own
Prince Charming
The one
That will sweep her off her feet
The one
Who will slay all the dragons
The one
Who will keep her safe
The one
Who will bid the sun to rise
Just for her
The one
Who will bring the moon and the stars
On a rope, place them in a bottle
And place them around her neck.

Every young lady
Sees those dreams dissolve
There is no one
Who possesses such a noble spirit
There is no one
Who is as unselfish
There is no one
Who is as strong and courageous
In this ordinary world

Some very lucky women
Receive a gift from the Creator
Some walk out of the heavens
Mine walked out of the sea
My Prince,
The one
Who takes my very breath away
The one
Who holds my beating heart
In his very hands
The one
Who would lay down his life for me
The one
I would die for

My Prince
My valorous one
Slays more dragons than mine
And he has a call
To protect a greater kingdom
Than the one we inhabit
He must leave me
For a time

I wish
Like a fairy tale princess
That I could be cast
Under a spell
That would let me sleep
Until my Prince returned
And with a gentle touch
And a soft kiss
Breathe life
Into my waiting heart, again.


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