Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Pain (Erotica)

I know it hurts my darling,
I see how you struggle,
see you fighting
for what you think you desire.

Sometimes this is how it is,
the pain helps,
sometimes it's more
than just the sum of lashes,
 the blows from a paddle
or the calloused palms of my hands.

Sometimes it is a transport,
a vehicle that takes us
where we long to go the most.
You don't always see it but I do,
all of those subtle signs
that you give off
when you need me
to take control.

I'm not going to stop yet,
so you might as well settle in,
you need this,
no we need this
and I will not fail you.

You gasp for breath
as the bubinga slams
into the softest part of your ass...
you make that adorable noise
you make when you are being spanked.

You make me proud to know you,
proud to be yours,
proud to have you in my life
and when you kick your legs like that,
you have my undivided attention.

That big, lovely round bottom of yours
is red and hot to the touch
as I spank it
and even beyond that I notice the change.
I can feel it in your body
and almost smell it in the air around us.

After I hold you,
after you come down,
after we make love
you'll feel like brand new,
like the beautiful princess you are,
and like the loving, compassionate soul,
I've been lucky enough to find,
but not yet.

Right now
I need for you to feel this,
I need for you to release
the weeks of pent up emotion, frustration and longing....

This is healthy pain,
the kind that will help us grow
and become beautiful and strong,
timeless and sublime...
this is my devotion unto you.

I hold you in my arms,
nearly lathered
by my lengthy efforts
into a foray as necessary as breath itself.

You never did cry,
and I wasn't looking for it,
but when I look in those eyes so blue,
I see that glimmer of relief,
that release and trust that you save only for me...

You're blushing at both ends
and won't admit it,
but we both know you needed it
and I'm content that you know that I know.

It's not time yet,
but I long to take the pain away
Now, I want more than anything
to soothe the ache
and replace it with one of life's greatest pleasures..

But now, you need the heat,
and as I slide into you,
the latent kinetic force
slams into my body
and rocks me from head to toe...

I'll never stop taking care of you
and you'll never be alone....
I lost myself in you
 and as you scream your utmost
I know that there is no other place
 that we could be right now...

The aftercare soothes
and you wiggle and giggle
as I massage the oil
into your still red skin,
you tease and taunt,
and there she is,
my happy, special girl...
back at last.

Ward ~ 3-2011


  1. That is so beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks, faerie & you are most welcome :) He writes beautifully, doesn't he?

  2. That was beautiful! Where's the "love" button?

    1. LOL - there is none, but I'll tell Daddy :) He'll appreciate it. He does have it on his Fet page - you can love it there :D


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