Friday, March 30, 2012

Born Like This (Erotica)

The strength of curves...
the blind hunger of passion's wicked keen sting.
We were born like this...
for this,
for the nights pining away from each other's arms,
for the quite disorienting hunger that stays with us wherever we go.

Hazel green eyes,
soft plump curves,
long sexy hair and an angel's smile/devils grin.

We go to work,
still tasting each other,
still hungry for each other,
still making love to each other...
distractions abound,
each aching second,
each sluggish hour
devoured by the cruel scourge
of the clock's laughing face.

A pleasurable dance,
a taste of your laughter
and just a splash of bright vibrant pain...
you dance over my lap squirming,
gasping and mewing
just like a newborn kitten.

Ayyo, we where born like this for this.
Each garish second slipping into nothing.
I taste the vibrant beauty of your energy,
I feel the smooth caress of your blatant, bright sexuality.

I am honored by your gift,
pleased by your affection,
and enhanced by your desire...
Born like this,
for this,
for the sweet admiration
of your bright searching smile,
your mischievous playful fingers,
and the restful pleasure of your succulent breast.

I was born like this,
for this
for you and your pleasure.
Your taste haunts me
and I wait knowing,
that you were born like this too.

Ward - 2010


  1. Thanks! Daddy writes beautifully :) And he gave me permission to migrate his writings, so there will be more coming :) (Answering cause he's asleep & has a 36 hour shift ahead in the morning :( )

  2. Oh, I looove this! He's quite the writer. :)

  3. Yes he is :D *Proud glow* That's how we met, you know....I read something that came across my feed & dropped him a note that it was beautiful, and a little over a year later, here we are :)I have a bunch more of his queued up to be published here.

  4. Thank you all for the kind comments, I need to get back to writing soon, and I hope you will all enjoy my future efforts!

    1. If they are anything like this, I am sure we will. :)

    2. They're even better - course I am partial :D


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