Friday, March 30, 2012


Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation - Alan Cohen 

 One of my favorite songs, and one of the first songs I gave to Ward is "Turning Page", which is on the playlist for this blog. And the line in the song that first spoke to me echoes the picture above:
"I surrender who I am
to who you are"

I love that line. It speaks to transformation. Transformation speaks of something deeper, to me, than change. Change is to cause something to be different. How many of us have been in relationships where we have been told we were loved, and then constantly told how we need to change? 

You know those helpful comments. Oh, you've really gained weight since that picture! I know this is completely not your style, but it will look so much better on you that what you wear. You really need a new job, they don't pay you enough.

Where change means to make something different, change your shoes, your clothes, your hair, your job, the stores you shop at, transformation means to change the function or condition of something, to convert it. Transformation is magical. When I met Ward, I had given up hope. I thought there was no one who could love me in my perfect imperfection. I felt pretty much broken. Did he fix me?

 Well he's working on it. It's a big job. Is he trying to change my clothes? My body? My shoes? My job? No. Well then by golly, how in the world is he fixing you? 

He is working on transforming my thoughts. He is working on transforming my beliefs about  myself, my abilities and my worth. Every time I beat myself down, he lifts me back up. Every time I feel defeated, he shows me where the victories lie. And he has shown me that all the work will make us stronger. 

I have said I cannot say I regret any of the things that have happened in my life, no matter how sad or how badly they broke me. Because every choice, every experience, every single one has made me who I am, every single one has brought me to where I am. Those experiences brought me my children, and brought me Ward. 

And I have landed in gentle, guiding hands that have lifted me up and taught me that I can still fly.

His POV:

Sometimes the greatest gift of all is unconditional  love and acceptance. Transformation, becoming deeper, adding a layer of love and strength goes so much deeper than words can say. June grows to blossom and I stand as a Titan because of her love and her confidence in my leadership and  love... and for that I will always be honored and humbled to call myself her Man.


  1. Get outta me head! Lol, I started writing about changes last night. It'll be coming up soon. The "Master Editor" still needs to read it and see if it sounds right. Lol.

    I love how you've used transformations instead of changes. Because you aren't really changing your core self, just transforming into who you're more meant to be. At least, that's my opinion on it.

  2. Lol - I'm sorry, we're on the same page...I don't know if that's lucky for me or unfortunate for you :D

    Exactly! That's well stated 'transforming into who you're meant to be'. The butterfly is the perfect illustration. He is still the same, his thoughts and feelings and ....if butterflies have them....wants, needs and desires. But his heart is the same. He just learns to release the beauty coiled inside each of his cells, he learns to let go of the earth and his limitations and how to fly.


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