Thursday, March 1, 2012


Who we are is a little complicated to explain. We are a D/s couple, with a non-ageplay Daddy/little girl dynamic, in a male-led 1950s household, which employs DD. Wow! What a mouthful! Most of you reading will be familiar with the terms, but if you're not, just ask. We don't bite......well, not much anyway!

I like finding community with like-minded people. Daddy also says that there are not many resources for men, and he'd like to have somewhere they can come for communion as well. But I'll let him tell you more about that.

What we believe:
We believe that communication and mutual respect are the foundation of any healthy relationship. We believe in supporting your partner and being their biggest cheerleader. We believe in unconditional love. We believe that female submission and male leadership lead to increased intimacy. We are spiritual, though not necessarily religious, so while we don't view male-led relationships as biblically mandated, we don't dispute that. We do believe that male-led relationships are the natural order of things.

What you will find here:
We don't exactly have an agenda. We just want to share things we find and learn, and perhaps discuss our journey. We also want to develop a community and learn from others. We hope to foster intelligent discussion and expand everyone's horizons.

Please be aware that this will be a kink-friendly blog, as they said in Poltergeist "All are welcome, all are welcome!" Please keep in mind that there is no black and white, there are however many beautiful shades of gray which give our world beauty, definition and depth. We acknowledge that no single dynamic works for all people. We ask that you be tolerant of other individual's dynamics. Flaming and hate-speech will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of each other.

What you won't find here:
While they will not be prohibited among followers or in the comments, there will be no discussion from Daddy or myself about intimate matters, to include discipline and correction. We both believe that there are things in each relationship that are not meant to be shared.

So now you know who we are and what this little blog is all about. We hope you enjoy visiting and come back often!


  1. i am so excited to follow your blog, as it seems that you have the same type of dynamic as my Daddy and i do. :) yay!! It isn't easy to find others who get this at all...and i love the point about having the "many shades of grey"...i love it. ;)

    1. Daddy and I say the same thing! It is amazing that we "get it", totally understand each other. And it is so nice to find other couples that understand it as well. I'm so glad you came! Hope your Daddy enjoys playing with mine, too, lol.


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