Saturday, May 12, 2012

How do you know that you're submitting to the right person?

My friend movingon has posed a question to the last journaling exercise that I feel needs input from across this wise community. So ladies, please weigh in, and any of the gentlemen, it would be lovely to have your perspective as well.

She asked - "How do you know you are submitting to the right person?"  A little background to help you. She and her husband have been married 14 years, and were at a point of dissolution of the marriage. She introduced the idea of DD as a way to pull them back. (I know a few of you can identify with that). They are struggling.

Now as an outsider, I can see that efforts are being made on both sides. And there are many positive signs, and small good changes. But in the midst of struggle, oftentimes things look darker than they are. And she often feels 1 step forward 3 steps back.

She knows, we talk all the time, my reasons for submitting to Ward, and why I know that he is the person who earns my submission. And a lot of them have been stated on our blog. And admittedly, Ward & I have had a pretty easy time, because we entered our relationship like this, it's not something we had to change after a period of another style of interaction. The hardest things we've had to face are my insecurities and these horrible separations.

I thought it might help if she got other viewpoints. So please, everyone, lend her your wisdom.



  1. How do you know?

    Simple version: you just feel it in your gut.

    Longer version: it's a feeling of knowing you will be following a wise person. Someone whom you trust, implicitly. It's knowing that you are in capable hands. Someone that can guide you and love you and hold you up to your own higher standards. You know in your core that this One, is the One that you can put your life in their hands.

  2. It's awesome when you have a 'One', lil sweet dream. I miss mine. My reasons are the same as yours, but you knew that ;)


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