Friday, May 18, 2012

Beautiful Sentiment

I found this poem on Dauntless Arousal, and had to share, it is absolutely exquisite.

I am submissive; that does not mean I am not strong or that I cannot speak for myself. It does not mean that I have poor self-esteem. It does not mean that I wish to be slapped in the face, on the breasts or between my legs. I don’t want to be spit on or urinated on. I want to be treasured. I want to be beautiful in your eyes. That does not mean I don’t like it rough sometimes and don’t doubt you will hear me scream your name. I am hungry for you. It’s just that I want to be there for you when you are down and there when you are happy. I want to make your sexual fantasies a reality. I want you to be able to look in my eyes and know that I am yours.
I am submissive, yes, and soft in all the right ways. Love me, cherish me and give me your heart; I will guard it with my life.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I'm glad there are others who feel like I do. I discover my strength through my submission.

    1. Spoke tomein big ways when I read it. I had to share. I am strongest when I am softest, when I am his.


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