Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Divine Radiance (Erotica)

When we rise,
we leave the world behind,
the bonds and shackles
of a life wasted
on the real, the concrete
seem to fall 
and leave us floating
in a realm of pleasure and desire not seen.

Let's breakaway
and find that special place,
that place that we and only we share...
That place that I struggle with,
you know the one I can't get to when I'm with her...
and the one you can't get to when you are with him.

The way you claw and bite
feeds my passion
and brings me closer
and as the lash finds it's mark
you sink into the obviousness,
the nirvana that you so crave and need.

Stop, breathe,
count to three,
in our own world we rule
and the desires of heart and body
do not rule or abide...
we grow and in our passion
we stop the stresses and annoyances of modern life
and go back to the simple and ideal way things should be.

I'll be a man,
and you'll be a woman
and in this devotion
to pain and pleasure
we will find each other
and in our journey
we will find something grand,
something marvelous and absurd,
nothing short of glorious,
we will hold it in our hands
and bask in it's divine radiance
until nothing remains
but release.

Your bottom nearly glows,
and the stripes on your back
form a beautiful lattice...
the strap falls away
and gives way
to hungry questing hands and lips...

I want you...
all of you...
and though the fates have decreed
that I restrain myself,
I taste your lips
and gaze into your eyes
and in them
I find the divine radiance of love.

Ward ~ February, 2011

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