Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waking Up Hard (Erotica)

It's 3am and I'm wide awake.
The sweet, soft echo of your voice
still rings through my head
even though I put down the receiver
and hit the "End" button hours ago.

The sweet softness of your voice
at the end of the day
transports me to a different place and time,
and in your arms
I find the sweet comfort that you gift to me.

Your submission is like
a succulent, ripe peach on a hot day...
the juice makes my fingers sticky
and my tongue yet longs
for more than a mere taste.

Beneath my hand
you blossom and flourish,
glow and sparkle
amongst the dull pallor of day to day life....

I turn in the darkness,
moaning and groping
for your beautiful, soft curves,
absent them I find succor in knowing
that soon we will bring each other
to the edge of the universe and back
in a passionate explosion
that will make the walls tremble and resound.

for now....
I woke up hard,
sleek and long and ready for you,
pulsating with life and energy
dying to spend deep within your loving warmth.

I can feel the softness of your skin,
I hear the soft noises
of passion's embrace slide from your lips
and it drives me to more.

Your breasts
are round and sweet,
your hips and thighs
as sweet as pomegranate.
You are as sweet as honey
under my tongue
and from one passion to the next..
I fill you

And in this moment
we are perfect and free.

We tumble head over feet,
dancing among the stars
in a sweet conflagration of total unity
and in that moment we become one.
My heart pounds against my chest,
my hands tremble
and when I uncurl I realize...

That it's 3am
and I'm wide awake,
rock hard and waiting
for the sweet soft echo of your voice...
I'm returned
and the magic that takes me has gone

I smile with the knowledge of our love
and I grow...

Ward ~ 3-2012


  1. Oh my holy sweet pickles. That was hawtness! He is so fluffin talented with words. Lucky, lucky girl! :)

    1. I know, right? He has pretty words. And I am so taken aback and so terribly honored that he feels these things for just me. I always want to be worthy of that kind of love and devotion.

  2. He wrote that June, for real and for you?! Wow!!! Oh boy, I just want you two to be back together.

    1. He did, Susie! For real and for me. Lucky girl, aren't I? He loves me so & I him! Thanks, I want that more than anything in the whole wide world right now.

  3. Wow. That's incredible. I want you two back together too.

    1. Thanks, Conina! He has a way with words. It amazes me that he feels this way about me, I surely feel this way about him, but I have never before in my life received the kind of love I receive from Ward. It's one of those things that makes you stand there, eyes wide, jaw slack, heart pounding, totally amazed at the miracle before you. Thanks, I want us back together, too:)

  4. This is the kind of thing you read and you have to remind yourself not to compare husbands. What a way with words!

    1. That literally made me laugh out loud :-D I know I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

    2. Changing The Rules, I second that big time! :)

    3. Aww thanks :) He's perfect for me :) Poor him has no perfectness for him though ;-P


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