Monday, June 18, 2012

For my Daddy, for my love (Poetry)

When the world
is chaffing hard and cold,
I will yield
to your wisdom, will and touch

When you feel
used and objectified
my love and respect
will blanket you

When you are empty
my heart will fill you
from the fountain that
flows within it for you

When you are weary
I will minister to you
hands kneading the ache
from your body,
our bodies transporting us
on the waves of energy
that we create

I will be your
little girl
when you need
to be silly and free

I will be
your woman
when you need
my maturity

I will bend
to your desires and will
without breaking
and give my
strength and flexibility
to fortify us

I love you.

~June~ 3-09-12


  1. This is very lovely. I really liked the part about bending without breaking, I think that creates an interesting image.

    1. Thanks very much, Kat. Those are the images I get when I think of Ward and myself, the image of the tango, when there female dancer, bends almost in half backwards but is strong and passionate. The partners meet and each bends into the realm of the other, there is fluidity, strength, grace and an intimate understanding of the other.

      The other image that always comes to mind is a tree in a storm, bent nearly to the ground, but when the storm passes, strong, graceful and upright.

  2. Beautiful poetry and imagery...

    1. Thank you most kindly, Stormy :)

  3. Eeee! I love this, Juniebug! It's so beautiful and heartfelt. :)

    1. Thanks, lil sweet dream. It is very much so. He is everything to me and I would be everything for him.


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