Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spoiling, Pampering, Relaxation...

I think one of the things that June and I both really enjoy about each other and our home is comfort. I look around and see comfort as a somewhat underrated concept today. There is something wonderful about cool, rainy days spent next to each other on the couch and in each others arms.  I'm a big man, I'm sure you've heard June reference this a couple of times, I am what you call built for comfort. I workout to keep myself in shape, but I'll be honest, I'll never be the poster boy for the ab rocker.... I was born to be a big guy and in so, I think I have a deeper appreciation for comfort, (enjoying it, causing it, etc) than most. I love  the warmth that comes from reading sitting up in bed, the way her head feels on my lap, or the way my head feels when it rests upon her breasts.  

I love to pamper June   (No not like that!!!)  In all seriousness though I love treating her to experiences that soothe the senses, hone her arousal and to showcase my devotion, dominance and loyalty to her and our relationship.  I am always looking for new ways and ideas to do this, but sometimes the classics are the best.




- Manicure/Pedicure
- Full Body Massage (couples massage)
- A candle lit bath
- A relaxing spanking (yes, they can be quite soothing at times)
- I love to cook, so I love making her favorite meals and desserts (even the edible kind!)



Attempting to spoil June has become something of an obsession for me. I really do think it further enhances an already incredibly strong bond. I know every inch of her from the the longest hair on her head to the tip of her little purple-painted toes.  Every day offers a chance to enjoy each other in a full warm way that celebrates the comfort that we bring each other that has nothing to do with material things, or the latest and greatest gadgets or toys.  It's the rain on our roof, it's walking barefoot on the beach... It's watching the kids rake the leaves in the yard into a giant pile only to jump in them.

I would encourage you to do something comfortable this weekend. Guys, give her a foot rub, and take the kids for a few hours. Ladies, rub his back and bring him his favorite snack... cuddle together on the sofa after the kids are in bed and watch a movie... or just talk like we do. It will be time well spent..I promise!

I love doing things for Ward, as you may have gleaned from the pages of this blog. I love to make his favorite meals, I like to have things ....well at least semi-orderly (c'mon 2 active boys - this will never be Better Homes and Gardens, lol). I like him to walk home to clean laundry and a hot meal - he works hard. I enjoy how he wraps the little things around him, really appreciates the efforts that I make, like the mantle of love they are intended to be.

Believe it or not, I have never been pampered till Ward. I have given many a massage and never been given one until Ward. I have never had time to myself, like he provides. I've never been commanded (love you, Daddy) to go and do something for me and stay out of the house till dinner - that he prepared. I've never had anyone say, give me that dust rag, give me those dishes, you go read/take a bath/have some you time. It has taken some getting used to, this reciprocity.

Our children see it, they love it. And I love what it models for them. It models how to be a man, a gentleman, how to treat a lady, how to have a relationship and reciprocity. How to have a joy that it has taken me a lifetime to find.

Oh, and Daddy does indeed make the most luscious Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, and chocolate macadamia nut brownies that are the perfect apres spanking treat ;)


  1. This is lovely Ward, June is a very lucky girl. It is so great when we can take time out for each other.

    I love those moments too. Just to two of you, cuddling together, listening to the rain etc. We often just sit together quietly watching a movie, listening to music etc and I will sit on the floor in front of him and he will rub my back, massage my shoulders, play with my hair etc. So soothing and relaxing. I love it!

    The pie and brownies sound delicious!

  2. Excellent challenge for the weekend, Ward! Thank you. How wonderful to hear that a big, strong, dominant husband who owns his authority is not too "in charge" to cook, clean, bake, or rub his wife's feet. You set a great example, Ward. And it is clear that June does plenty of reciprocating so you get your fair share of pampering, too. Great post.

  3. I want those brownies. I must admit my hubby is pretty attentive too. I get pedicures, massages, back rubs and he regularly changes and makes the bed, and vacuums. Cooking is not his thing, but he's a helluva barbecuer.

  4. I had to read this after I saw the title of the post! Way to go Ward (and June). Taking care of our mates and the people we love is wondeful thing. Wishing you both the best for the rest of the weekend.

  5. I love to come over and see the love and care you have for one another. You certainly know how to spoil and pamper one another! Ward - please, please, please post the recipe for the Chocolate Macadamia Nut Brownies! They sound absolutely yummy. Hope you have a wonderful spoiling, pampering, relaxing, fun weekend. :)


  6. Weekends give us the time to practice some of these things and spoil each other. Thanks for the reminder Ward.

  7. Daddy is on another 36 hour shift, guys. He appreciates your comments and he will get to them as soon as he gets home from work tomorrow evening. Thanks :)

  8. Beautiful reading as usual :)

  9. @Roz - Thanks! We love cuddling and sharing the moment as often as we can!
    @Old Fashioned Marriage - Thanks! We both try to take very good care of each other!
    @SNP - Somtimes it's the simple things in a relationship that make it so necessary! We love taking care of each other
    @Cat - Smiles, I can't just post those recipies for anyone dear Cat, but I'll think about it!
    @Susie - Weekends are awesome!!!
    @M3 - Thank you so much!

  10. I think there is SO much to be said for pampering and spoiling. It is something that Cael and I have worked into our relationship as well and as you said, it provides a strong bond. So sweet that you both love to spoil the other :)

    1. Thanks so much, Riley. It is quite lovely, it gives me a warm feeling. And it doesn't have to be anything extravagant, even little things can be so lovely. That may be a post in itself :)


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