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Following Fondles

Fondles had a post this morning (the morning I'm writing this, not the morning you're reading - we had another post just up & one already in the can) about her and  BIKSS' astrological compatibility. I'm a new agey kinda girl, so I wanted to play, too. The site was kinda cool, it let's you see the results both in terms of any relationship, then after you choose your sign, and the sign of the other person, you get a description, and below, links to see how that fleshes out in terms of a love relationship with each sign as each sex (sounds confusing, you'll see when you get there :-P).
So here are the highlights:

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General Gemini (Ward) & Virgo (me) compatibility:

Gemini and Virgo experience a lot of mental attraction in any relationship they share. They are always on the same chord at the intellectual level to appreciate and learn from each other.

The connections that Gemini people and Virgo have do not necessarily need a full understanding of what the others intend to do but since there is a mutual understanding, a respect to be had and a seriousness between them, then they can have a warm and quite compatible relationship which ever it is. Due to the calm and subtle affection given by each, there is seldom any tension. They continue to grow their unity with peace and comfort, sharing in their curiosities, graceful manner and intelligence which add to their bliss. Gemini could show Virgo the art of social expression, jovial persuasiveness and brilliant conversations. (That's pretty well spot-on).

There is an almost touching and attractive modesty that the Virgo have that allows them to accept Gemini people’s victory in winning the initial battle with their silver tongued manipulation of words.Normally Gemini people like to win every battle, but there is something about the charming and polite Virgo that causes the Gemini to calm their nature and settle down. The need to win is not so important to the normally high strung Gemini.

Virgo are not one to conjure up an argument or even provoke one that is already started. When argument does arise between the two, there is a lot to be said about Virgo’s hesitancy. Their modest and humble nature allows a lot to pass over for a calmer situation to be had.  If an argument were to ensue, to Gemini people it would be more of an intellectual puzzle to conquer but it cuts on a much deeper level for Virgo. Gemini people help the introverted Virgo broaden their scope of thinking and Virgo show Gemini that it is not all about winning every argument that crosses their path. They have a calming and quite serene relationship that is compatible, compassionate with a mutual understanding and respect.

Gemini man possesses a very strong intellect and pretensions in front of him usually fail. In a relationship, he makes a very easy going and loving mate who respects his as well as his partner’s freedom and is always ready. Never suspect about Gemini man because even if it is not expressed directly, he eventually figures it out and feel miserable for it.

Although she is her own worst critic, Virgo woman wants to serve the world and everyone who belongs in it by bringing a systematic order to the confusion and disarray around them. Personal security is a virtue that she works at creating for the future. Being overly organized and efficient is one virtue she takes pride in even though it seems a bit over the top to others. Virgo woman does not have time for unwarranted emotions but she does have a need for affection. In a love affair she is adaptive and affectionate.

Gemini man and Virgo woman are very vocal towards each other. Virgo woman becomes giddy at the new careless lifestyle she is introduced to by her Gemini man. Not much is held back in the relation when it comes to be a Virgo woman with such pure heart and straightforward feelings. The Virgo woman always respects her Gemini man and teaches him to be calm and serene, just like her. When there is a lot of love in the relationship, their words are healing to each other. Virgo woman is beautifully responsive to the needs of her Gemini man and she takes good care of him as she so desires it as well.

A Gemini man is always very pleased to see a disciplined and well maintained Virgo woman; in fact he is fascinated by her charms. Her feminine nature draws him in as well. In the influence of a strong Gemini man, Virgo woman slowly comes out of her insecurities and become more self confident. He always loves to talk with his Virgo woman about her insecurities and help her pull herself from them. Gemini man gives his Virgo woman the freedom she needs to grow and always tries to be there for her when she needs him. They can create a calm and effective love, to hold on for throughout their lives.

A Gemini man and Virgo woman though have many differences but actually that’s the reason they are so much deeply in love and find each other fascinating. Though the Virgo woman may not be a very great conversationalist but the quick witted Gemini man teaches her to expresses her well and let go her insecurities and discomforts. The Virgo woman, on the other hand makes the life her Gemini man stable and strong. She directs him the right way without stepping over his freedom or making him feel bored. They know each other’s weakness and are always ready to become their lover’s strength. The love of a Virgo woman and Gemini man is a deeper and purer form of friendship with such mutual harmony that exists in their hearts and souls forever to keep them bright and sparkling with each other.

So what do you think? Sound fairly accurate?

I'm don't practice Santaria, I have no crystal ball  lol famous last words I know, but in all seriousness, it almost seems like this was written with June and I in mind. She tries so hard to please me and make our home a happy and bright one.  Just the sound of her voice is a beautiful musical thing that elates me.  It would seem they have a pretty accurate insight into my personality as well!


  1. Glad you had fun going thru the site... and thanks for the mention!

    1. I did, yes & thanks for pointing the way! It was pretty accurate, too.

  2. This was literally BANG on! Barney is a Cancer, ( okay, that just sounds wrong) Barney's sign is Cancer, and I am Libra. Hope you don't mind the quote:

    The relationship between Cancer and Libra can be most interesting and challenging association of all because it is a difficult kind to bring into harmony. Cancer are introverted by nature and Libra are exactly the opposite. The extravagant lifestyle of the Libra sends the Cancer into a state of tizzy, and this causes a lot of problem in any relationship they share. They should quickly try to erase their problems so that they can remain happy with each other*

    And now enter dd. They also have a section about money and finances. Wait til Barney reads this. Hey, do you think I can use " It's not my fault honey. I'm a Libra" as an acurate line of defence?

    1. No, I don't mind at all, Wilma :) I like to see if it's accurate for others, too!

      You could sure try it, but I betcha it won't work - my Daddy would chuckle and say - nice try, now come over here O_o

  3. There is a lot of thought provoking information on that site and it does look like that were spot on with you two. Fun post. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks, Cat, this one was fondles' find. I had a lot of fun - seems the stars agree Ward and I were made for each other :)

      Bail ó Dhia duit


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