Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Arms of Midnight

Life sometimes
is glaring and harsh
It offers no respite, no shelter

I wandered
in this arid landscape
weary, burdened, tattered
and with a hunger and thirst

Hope was gone
when Midnight appeared
cool, dark and lit from within
a soft, cool, welcoming glow

surely not meant
for such as me
attracted to Midnight's glow,
my moth to his flame

 His cloak unfurled
and enfolded me
in his cool, sweet scent,
Midnight light
controls the water
and bathes succulent fruit
that nourishes and refreshes me

And we dance
in his glow, intoxicating sweetness
and the dance brings comfort,
communion, a joining that
could not have been imagined.

I seek now
my future, where once
I dreaded the forward momentum

But in the light of Midnight
it is beautiful
in the heart of Midnight
I am reborn
in the arms of Midnight
safe, and finally home.

Your beauty and love delight me and honor me in a deep deep way, for some moments in life there are no more words... I love you June.


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