Monday, September 3, 2012

Movie time with Ward and June

 It's time to talk about spanking videos.  I've actually wanted to do this post a little sooner than I am posting it, but  I guess there's no time like the present!  Along with many other spanking lifestylers I have developed a taste (or distaste in certain instances) for spanking videos. Today I thought I'd share a few of the things that I like and dislike about spanking videos both amateur and professional.Grab some popcorn and join us.

You may have noticed that professionally produced videos seemed to follow a certain stylized format.  Usually it's the same guys or girls in a series of movies, many of which seem a bit over the top or contrived. There are several big name producers but I think the most famous of which is probably Shadowlane.

You may have also run across more "homestyle" videos from couples on webpages like Spankingtube and spanking library.  These videos tend to be a bit more "real life" or in many cases "DD" oriented. 

Let's talk about the pros and cons of each....

Here are some of the Pro's of the professionally produced videos:
- Usually the lighting and sound are superior to that of amateur video makers
- The editing is usually seamless
- There is usually a video or video producer for every taste across the spanking genre
- Usually longer with a better variety of spanking and with many implements

Here are some of the Cons of the professionally produced videos:

- Terrible acting
- Unecessary predictable dialog
- Contrived circumstances
- Same actors and actresses in many videos
- Unrealistic presentation of the ideal spanking partner(s) you know, most of the produced videos have their spankee presented as some 19-22 year old waif without real curves and most of the men presented are the definitive stodgy old businessman types or the crumudgeon-like senior citizen.
- Hotel-like or obviously un-authentic backgrounds that look as contrived as the writing and acting.

Here are some of the Pros of the amateur videos:
- Authentic lifestyle interactions
- Real men and women presented in a true to life setting
- Passion
- Variation
- Inovation

Here are some of the Cons of the amateur videos:
- Bad cameras and editing
- usually a short duration
- Many times in amateur videos the background is a little more than lived in, the house is a mess or the room looks like a hydrogen bomb detonated
- The gentlemen in amateur videos often time wear any old thing (ratty old gym shorts, ugly t-shirts, baseball caps that look like they have been worn since the begining of time)

Spanking videos are a fun, and in many cases inexpensive expression of the spanking lifestyle. They are a good way to explore fantasies, share ideas, and discover new ones. I would encourage you all to take a look and see what you and your partner can find.  You never know what you might find.

I agree with a lot of what Daddy said. I would add that I especially dislike contrived scenes. Perhaps that is because we live this 24/7, and as we have said before there are many reasons and many forms spanking takes for us.

I dislike that there always have to be a correctable 'offense' for which the spanking is given. I dislike wimpy spankers - take charge. I dislike brutish spankers - you can take charge without being verbally abusive. I dislike mouthy spankees. I dislike overacting - he only swatted you twice and you're carrying on like that? And for the love of Pete, keep your hands and feet out of the way, you signed up for this. And puh-leeeeeeeeeze - no female spankers, and certainly no male spankees. 

In real life sometimes it is a prelude to iintimacy. Sometimes it is just because, which incidentally is our favorite reason. Sometimes it is stress relief for either of us. Sometimes I just want to feel his ownership. What is wrong with portraying that? Why can't the spanker just hold out his hand for no other reason than he wants to? Why can't the spankee come and say, "Could you spank me, please?" All in all I think that gives people the wrong impression of our lifestyle. But then, I'm just one small, happy little girl with a red bottom :)


  1. Love the pros and cons approach. We are still looking for some that we can tolerate. Haven't found any yet :)

    1. @ faerie - Thanks for commenting! Finding something watchable is definitely a challenge. Few sites/videos capture the essence of TTWD for us. Good luck in your search!

  2. I have never watched a spanking video that I didn't giggle through. I did find one in German that I thought was just awesome but that was probably because it wasn't dubbed over in English so I got to make up my own dialog and the acting was just fun. I am not a fan of spanking videos.

    1. @Kat - I know what you mean, somtimes if I find one that is watchable, I'll turn the sound off just to make it a little more watchable. In general im not a fan of the acting in most of them.

  3. I've only seen a few spanking videos, and they were the professional kind. I found them a huge turn off because the acting was just soooo bad.

    Also, I just wanted to add that I'm pretty new to your blog and I really like the way you both offer your point of view. That's very unique. I love hearing the guys POV. I don't get to hear from them often enough! So, thanks to both of you for sharing :)

    1. @Cowgirl Up - Thanks for responding!

      I agree about the acting in most of the professional ones, the acting really is awful.

      We really like to give both Points of view. I like to try to give a well thought out masculine point of view for all of us out here in blogland!

  4. I can neither fully agree nor fully disagree with your assessment of the videos, both amateur and professional. From both, I have seen my share of good ones and I have seen my share of bad ones. I do find that some of your dislikes a tad unreasonable though.

    Case in point, you both have a dislike of what you call contrived circumstance scenes. In this form of entertainment, as in other forms, that is a given and expected. Video producers are attempting to sell a fantasy. And while there are some who have shared the spankings of their private lives, the selling of fantasies will always be at the forefront of the Spanking Video Media.

    And there are good ones out there. Those are the ones created by amateurs who evolved in to professionals, without losing that which made them different from the pros in the first place. Pandora Blake is a good example of this. As is Sarah Bright.

    I also feel that it is extreme to say that this entire form of entertainment gives the 'muggle' communities a wrong impression of this lifestyle. I leave that to the 50 shades book. On the whole, people know that what is portrayed on screen is not real life. Granted there will be some who will not understand that, but they can be easily educated into reality. Especially after their SO knocks them out for a bad reenactment!

    There is more to the essence of TTWD than meets the eye. While you feel that it is not being captured, in truth it has been portrayed. You are only viewing a fraction of what has been filmed and what has yet to be filmed. My advice is to keep looking with an open eye. You may actually be surprised one day!

  5. @ Loki Darksong - I can understand what you are saying about the amateurs who evolved into professional, I concur that Sarah Bright and Pandora Blake are exemplary examples, I am merely highlighting the "status quo"

    As far as giving the, how do you put it? "Muggle" communities the wrong impression, in most instances, spanking videos really aren't about that. I recognize this, but I also recognize that with most couples, there is a interaction that speaks to real life, weather that be role play, domestic discipline or just good old fashioned spanking. Before I get into a discussion about the "plausible impossible" I'll just let it stand for the record that I believe that spanking videos are much like the stars... There are those that are bright, and those that are dim.

  6. A lot of times the spanking is so hot, and I'm into it, but then they talk such nonsense. They ruin it for me. I hate that!


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