Saturday, September 22, 2012

I will be posting something in the coming days about domestic discipline, spanking and several other topics of interest from a real life, honest to goodness, domestic discipline supporting HoH and spanking lifestyler.  In the mean time, please enjoy these pics and have a marvelous weekend!

                                                      Such a beautiful well rounded bottom.  Bet it bounced and jiggled when Daddy used that cord to put those welts in place.  It also looks like Daddy lost his load in the process.

Okay, not red.  Butt what a Rump!  This one needs a hairbrush applied swiftly and repeatedly.

                                    Another big job.  Looks to me like Daddy is just getting started.  Very round but not too Red.

Great Ass.  Deep crack.  No Red Rump though.  Needs more work, Daddy.

Tonight’s theme is the Big Job.  This slightly Red Rump is definitely a big job for Daddy.  Framed in black lace, it should not be hard for him to find.  Keep up the good work!

Ahhhh the warm glow of toasty round cheeks... There is nothing quite like spanking is there?
 These luscious, round, plump spankables are brought to you by plector,  RedRump, and the web.


  1. Thanks June. Have a great weekend to!

  2. @ Zoe, it was actually I, (Ward) that posted this one. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes, there's something about that lovely shade of red that just calls to one, doesn't it?

  4. @ Jake - Absolutley, red-bottomed girls make the spanking world go round.


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