Friday, September 14, 2012

Life is good (Today was a good day)

I suppose this isn't going to be an overly thoughtful post, but sometimes I think is important to be thankful for what we've got.  Today was a wonderful day and I suspect that the splendor of the weekend  will be just as lovely.  So tell me folks, what does the weekend have in store for you?  Any big plans? Fall is near upon us and I suppose I could be doing a thousand other things, but I think this will be a good weekend for just kicking back, watching football and of course....

and this....

more of this....

 and some of this

Thanks again for  being part of our blog! We love sharing with you folks, you teach us a lot and we hope you learn a little something from us too!  Enjoy this beautiful early autumn weekend!

MMMMM, I like the way my Daddy thinks :)
*waves & closes door*
 See ya Monday!


  1. So true! Today I was emailing with a relative who asked how things were going with me and my family. I could have gone into a long list of "if only this or that" but the truth is...we're all healthy, we have roofs over our heads and, probably most importantly, we laugh often. Life is good. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I hope you have an amazing weekend! I personally would like some of the last picture although the other pictures look nice as well.

  3. It's nice to just relax into a good day once in awhile, isn't it?

  4. @ Celeste Jones - Thanks for posting! Somtimes it is nice to just count our blessings and take stock of the fact that life really is good

    @ Kat - Thank you so much, it is shaping up to be a blissful weekend indeed! And don't they all look scrumptuous?

    @ Jake - Very much so!

  5. Sounds like we have similar plans for the weekend. Enjoy :)

  6. ah my weekends are always spent working. But guess who's off on Mondays??

    that's the one day of the week i can *usually* count on for BIKSS to come round and spend time and because I'm always needy by the end of the weekend, he often promises a spanking too.

    i guess you could say we automatically fell into Maintenance Monday. LOL

    PS i like the bit at the end about closing the door - very cheeky indeed!

  7. @ Faerie - Enjoy! this is the stuff that epic weekends are made of!

    @ Fondles, wink wink*


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