Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things Ward does that turn June to girl goo

Hmmmm, Ward requested last night that I make another post, and having had a rough week with school, I was feeling particularly uninspired. What to write, what to write? Hmmm.... I shall tell you about the things my Ward does which turn me into a great big, steaming pile of girl goo - get a bucket and shovel...

  1. When he has had a really terrible, evil, very bad day at work, and he comes home reeking of the world and speaking to me in his world voice, he is exceptionally.......virile, and he will ......growl ...... sigh... would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? HELL YES!
  2. When he claims what well and rightly belongs to him
  3. Kisses me right in the spot where my neck meets my shoulders (excuse my Pavlovian response)
  4. Says 'MINE'
  5. Says 'MINE' with the growl (scoop me up, ladies)
  6. Calls me little one
  7. Calls me My girl
  8. Calls me young lady
  9. Calls me his dove
  10. Says he is well pleased (shivers)
  11. Runs his fingers through my hair (instant brain tickles)
  12. Gently takes a fist full of hair (and more brain tickles)
  13. Whispers in my ear, when we are out, what is in store for me at home
  14. Comes up behind me (he can be very quiet....he is after all hunting rabbits) and wraps his arms around me, when I'm cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or otherwise occupied (was there housework?)
  15. When he's in the wolfie mood, sometimes he comes up really close & whisper/growls, "Run, rabbit, run" (who can run on rubberband legs?)
  16. When he pats his lap and says softly, "Come on, little one."
  17. When he starts an impromptu massage
  18. When he holds my hands above my head (I'm hyperventilating here)  
  19. When he pushes me up against the wall and kisses me (good thing he's strong, cause I lose my legs)
  20. When he kisses the pout off my lips and leaves me slack-jawed

*Wipes corner of mouth decorously, straightens skirt* I ummmmm.......I'm sure there is more, but now I am just a wee bit twitterpated........Oh, Daddy!


  1. Oh, yes, to almost every single one. ("run rabbit run," not so much. Sounds like an in-joke to me. ;))

    14: Wow, and does he sometimes kiss your neck while doing that and, when you close your eyes and start to sigh with pleasure, say "Don't stop working"?

    Mine does.


    1. LOL, yes it is kind of, and I don't even remember how it started,but the man has a 4ft arm span - I'm not going anywhere!

      Yes! He does, hence the comment "was there housework?", cause everything disappears except his warmth, his arms, his lips, his breath on my neck (fans self), and the electric thrum running through my body.

  2. Twitterpated, love that term :D Just about all those things would do that to me too.

    1. Lol, it describes it perfectly :) They're super yummy!

  3. Oh my. Loved "twitterpated" =)

    Sounds awesome. It's all good. ALL.

    1. Fondlers Anonymous - being twitterpated is one of the most awesome things ever. Ward does it oh so well (WEG) and yes, it is ALL good!

  4. Mmmmmmmmm, yummy! :)

  5. Heh...girl goo! I think I could make a list too, though I'd be too shy to publish it.

    Glad you are feeling all gooey!

    1. Susie, lol, why would you be too shy? I was a good girl with my list, lol, nothing too racy:) Was there?

  6. Amazing grace = a lovely, honorable couple that's hotter than hell for each other!

    1. lol - you got that right - can you see the steam?

  7. Is there a corresponding list from Ward?

    I am hooked on your blog, thanks June!

    1. Welcome, trix! I'm glad you found us, gladder still something here speaks to you. Hmmm, seems there is a list, so says Ward who is sitting beside me, now nibbling my please forgive any is however to this point unpublished....we'll have to see if we can fix that ;-)


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