Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gratuitous Spanko Thoughts...

It's good to be a spanko...sometimes.   With that in mind I would ask you good readers a few questions.

A few questions for the spankishly inclined....

- What about spanking "does it" for you?
- Is there a favorite time of day to spank or be spanked?
- Is there a celebrity that you would love to spank or be spanked by?
- Do you have a favorite video (separate topic forthcoming)

I just thought I'd ask, because at the core of it all me and June are in fact spanking enthusiasts, and yes we enjoy it immensely!  I plan on including a bit more spanking-type content in the coming weeks if for no other reason than "just because"  (which may be the greatest reason for spanking ever).  

I suppose I'd better answer my own questions...

- What about spanking "does it" for me?  short answer: everything... I love the sound, the intimacy, the closeness, the bond it creates, it's awfully sexy, and I  know it's shocking, but I've always "had a thing" for round plump female rear ends.

- Is there a favorite time of day to spank or be spanked?  yes?!

- Is there a celebrity that you would love to spank:   hmmm I'd say so, a few  in no particular order:
Vida Guerra, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Varga, Beyonce, and of course Jennifer Lopez.

- Videos are a rough spot with me, I'll explain in a future post.

Happy Spanking folks!

Her POV:

Well,I've said it before, and I'll say it again..... My name is June and I'm a spanko :) No Twelve-Step program, thank you. I'm quite happy being me.

So I guess, I should answer Daddy's questions, too...cause I'm a good girl and all....

What does it for me? Good golly Ned! Ummmm, just the thought, the look, when I know what he is thinking about, I'm not averse to asking, but it is faint-worthy hearing, "Come here, little girl." (is it getting warm in here,or is it me?). The sound of his belt coming through the loops, the bounce of the paddle on warmed-up cheeks, the caress of his fingers over sensitive flesh, snuggling into his chest in the after....many more things, but I'm getting twiterpated.

Is there a favorite time of day? Ummmm, is there a time of day that I don't wish to be across his lap?

Who would I like to spank? LOL, I'm not the spanker, I'm the spankee. Be  spanked by? Only Daddy. As far as discipline, I have only one authority to whom I submit. And for play, only Daddy gets into my head, he has this incredible magnetism - delicious!

And videos, yeah, that's a topic for another day. Love you, Daddy :D


  1. As the spanker in my relationship, I'd answer as follows:

    What does it about spanking - Oh, I like the sight of Joy's soft and perky bottom across my lap, and I enjoy the way her skin feels under my hand. However, what I like the most is the fact that she submits to the act of being spanked. It's the reinforcement of our power dynamic that appeals most, and when she squirms or whimpers during the spanking, that only adds to the magic.

    Time of day - We tend to do our spankings at night, right before retiring. This is because we've agreed on a nightly maintenance spanking each day, but it works nicely because we get all revved up before going to bed.

    Celebrity - Most of all I'd like to spank the Sophia Loren of 40 years ago. I'm sure there are others, but to be honest, I'm not much into celebrity.

    Video - I don't have a favorite, but would like to find one! Joy and I have movie nights occasionally where we watch "interesting" videos together. A really good spanking video featuring a female being spanked (spanker could be either male or female) would be much appreciated.

  2. 1) it's the closeness, it's knowing he has the power to do whatever he wants to me - it's easier to allow someone to pleasure you than to inflict pain. So allowing him to do that is SO SO "giving" in my head.

    2) ANYTIME is spanking time. Thank you very much.

    3)I don't do the spanking at all. And i can't imagine being spanked by anyone except... er, scott baio when he was in Charles in Charge and I was a wee lass. OMG there must have been a spanking episode i saw once and i had a crush on him back then. MAYBE that's how all this started.

    4)video - nah. not really into spanking videos for kicks. more for curiosity and educational purposes. LOL

  3. 1) I love the place it takes me in my head, that wonderful floaty subspace that intensifies everything else to beyond wonderful.

    2) No such thing as NOT a good time to spank :)

    3) I can't imagine being spanked by anyone but Musicman to begin with and I'm not much into celebrities.

    4)We don't have a favorite video, but like Jake would love to find some. We have "movie nights" also, and am looking forward to what you both have to say about them. Did'ya find a good one? LOL.

    1. We have a couple that we like, faerie :) But this is Ward's party, I'll pipe in when he's ready for me to :)

  4. @Jake

    I too love the beauty and intimacy of spanking and submission... I would also concur that there is somthing magical about those night time spankings. I don't think I have a favorite video either, I just wish they would cater more to my tastes (more on that in a coming post)

    I concur that the headspace can lead to some amazing places, and creates a bond that is amazing... I would also say that a day without spanking is like a day without sunshine.

    @Fondlers Anonymous
    The pleasure and closeness are one of the greatest things about spanking and I love sharing that with my June!

    Thanks for all the great replies ladies and gentlemen!


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