Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open Love Letter to June...

Dearest June,

        I wanted to say how proud I am of you, sometimes I don't think I tell you that or a million other things quite enough. Your beauty and grace shine like a thousand diamonds burnished in the brilliant sunlight of our love. You reminded me of what it means to live for someone else, to live for a greater purpose and to reach beyond my own selfish desires. You are my joy and comfort in the midst of the chaos that life brings. You have given me your love, your faith and your submission, and somehow I can only hope that I can be half the man that you need and deserve.
       You've challenged me to be better, you've given me the bounce in my step and the song in my heart and when I hear the sound of your voice, my heart beats just a little bit faster... Your mind is bright and as sharp as a tack, our conversations flow as sweet and natural as an icy stream in mountain country.  Never before have I found it so easy to talk, to share, to surrender my feelings as readily and willingly as I can to you, no burden too great, no secrets just real talk, real communication as natural and organic as the peanut butter on our shelf.

     You are so beautiful and  shapely that it's a rare day when I can stop touching you... sometimes you are insecure and you say you don't say it, but I look in your eyes and I don't doubt that God in heaven made you just for me. I delight in your body and would have you share in that delight to make beautiful music and come that place that is just for us.

  I love you my sweetest June and everyday I love you even more....



  1. Oh, my heavens, Daddy-love - now that I have finished weeping... it is my deepest desire to be pleasing to you and to make you proud. If I succeed in any small measure I am pleased and humbled. I've said it before and I will say it again, you are more than I ever dreamed, and much more than I deserve.

    I have never been able to be as open to another as I am to you, nor have I wanted to. I am the book locked to all others, but to which you hold the key, and all that is contained within is yours.

    If I am beautiful, it is because you have made me so. You polish and burnish me, and what I am is a reflection of the most genuine love that I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

    Days like yesterday, I want to run to that place that is just for away with me, my Darling, dear true love. I love you more and more with each small measure of passing time.

    "No other love
    In all of the world
    In all of my life
    There was no other love "

  2. This was lovely Ward! June told us quite a bit about you while you were away and it's neat to see exactly how true it all is. You are both blessed!

  3. So sweet! This warmed my heart. :)

  4. @Susie - Thanks, She really is a treasure to me and we are indeed tremendously blessed!

    @Grace - Smiles, I'm glad you enjoyed, it made me feel all fuzzy and warm inside when I wrote it

    @Fondler Anonymous - Awww indeed, I love writing for my June

    @June - You are the love of my life and I love you so much I write this teary eyed, you are my greatest blessing

  5. And you are the love of mine, my Darling. You are truly m'anumchara, you are mo Ri, and I will never let you forget that.

  6. True love = you two: shining and glowing brightly in splendor! Cupid himself fawns over you.


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