Monday, July 30, 2012

The Suggestion Box

Hello folks...

I would like to open the suggestion box for your comments, ideas and general thoughts on our blog, a few ideas or features you might like to see  and so on  feel free to give us your ideas! We'd love to hear from you!


  1. I really enjoy reading Ward's posts as well as yours. I understand that isn't possible right now and I hope that changes soon.

    I would like to hear more of his thoughts on the lifestyle. What makes it work and what doesn't. There is very little of the male opinion that is thoughtful and intelligent on the internet right now.

    1. Hi, Kat, thanks! Yes, I very much enjoy Ward's posts. He should be having a bit more time for a sadly very short time and I know has at least one post in the can, and has at least one floating around in his head :) I'll pass it on!

  2. Webinars, seminars, books, etc... I would love to see this blog branched out. It is exceptional. The insight is invaluable.

  3. @Kat

    I enjoy posting and I hope that I can start posting a few mor POVs... I think it's important to get a strong male voice outhere in blogland. I would love to bring a positive male point of view that is useful and intreaguing and not overly leacherous or boorish.


    Smiles, we have talked about these things, and mabey someday we will do just those kinds of things!


We love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for being part of our chosen family!