Saturday, August 4, 2012

What it's like....

I thought I'd spend a little time today talking about what it's like for me....

To be:

- June's Daddy
- A spanko
- A old fashioned man in a modern time

Being June's Daddy is like no other gift  that I have ever received.  Our hearts and minds are so in tune at times it's almost uncanny.  She is my support system, my inspiration and the warmth and light of comfort at the end of long and wearisome days.   I support her, guide her, give her the support, love, respect, discipline and attention that she needs to thrive in the warmth of our love.

When our relationship began Ms. June and I spent a lot time discussing and comparing notes on life, spanking lifestyles and many other things. As time went on it was very clear that we shared something that is rare, profound and timeless.  Indeed, being her daddy, her man, her best friend has brought out the best in me and made me a better man

Being a spanko is like....  A cold drink on a hot day, soft music, making love on a rainy day, dancing beneath a full moon... it's amazing...

It has also come to our attention that perhaps we aren't like some DD couples. In addition to using spanking for discipline and correction (June really is a very good girl) [Thank you, Daddy :)]  We also love spanking for any of a bunch of other reasons.  In addition to being a great stress reliever,  it hones our libidos, and generally connects us at a very close and special level.  I think it's also advantageous for us on a one to one basis because both of us are true blue spankos and came this way, nobody got converted so to speak, it was 100% natural and that's how we love it.

Being Old Fashioned is a bit like:

Being a gentleman.  I try to carry myself like a gentleman, just how my mother and father raised me.  It kind of stands out in stark contrast to what the media portrays as the quintessential modern man - you know the clueless buffoon that is more childish than his children... I try to be a man that Ms. June can be proud of... She deserves the best I can give her and I try to carry myself that way. 

It's a beautiful thing to share this relationship...this life with a wonderful lady like mine.  I bid you all a great weekend!

Her POV:

We talked endlessly, and easily, and openly, like I have never talked with anyone else before. And it was unassuming. We had no expectations. Ward had a little trick that served as both a conversation starter and a deflection technique, lol - "random question", but it helped us to learn all manner of things about each other.

He is charming and very much old-fashioned and courtly. He is a breath of fresh air. He possess a strength of character that is quite uncommon, and extraordinarily attractive. He is absolutely magnetic.

I have always, because of my life till Ward, been cards to my chest, but he reads me well, things that I think I conceal and no one has ever understood, he sees and understands and responds in ways that make me open and fold myself into him.

I am indeed proud of my man. I am proud of who he is. I am proud to belong to him. I am proud of who we are together. I am proud of the kind of family we are building for our children. He is yummy :)


  1. That was a lovely read! I enjoyed it rather a lot. :)

  2. That was a very nice read. I enjoyed reading what Ward had to say!

    But my favorite part of the whole post was the very end where you (June) said, He is yummy! That is so like me.

    1. LOL- thanks, Kat - and boy he is!

  3. Very nice! And I have to say that I can relate to what Ward said about not being like some of the other DD couples...Michael and I are both spankos as well and don't just use spanking for discipline. ;)

    1. Oh! I'm glad I'm not the only one, Grace :) It neither Ward nor I understand when people say you can't correct a spanko with spanking. That might be a post for another day, lol.

  4. @ Fondles - Thank you I enjoyed posting it!

    @ Kat - I'm glad you enjoy my POV, I will endevor to put up more and more post!

    @ Grace - Hello Grace, glad you enjoyed and can understand where we are coming from! It's a breath of fresh air to hear from you!


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