Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Than Just Words


Every now and then it occurs to me that there is high value in the words that we use to communicate. Sometimes it's finding just the words that bring comfort  or clarity in times of stress.  Sometimes it's taking the time to show someone that you are there for them.  I find that in our relationship, June and I communicate on a fluid and natural level.  I actually am learning for the first time that it's more than okay to open up and share things, even the things that are not easy to talk about.

Like a lot of guys, when there is something on my mind, I'm not exactly forthcoming... I'm sure you know what I mean, sometimes when asked what is on my mind, I give out the classic answers "Stuff"  and "nothing" ... Trouble with all those is besides the obvious, June knows my heart and knows me better even at times than I know myself,  not to mention the fact that it would create an unacceptable double standard.... We don't do distancing, it's just not allowed and I can't ask my June to do something when I am not capable of it myself.  


Sometimes it's more than words though, sometimes it's about our actions. More than thought, our deeds can give our thoughts and words form, substance and in the case of discipline, teeth.  A warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a firm but loving hand... all of these things can be very powerful tools that not only bring us comfort, but in fact prove our love and dedication to each other. I've tried to reach some of my guy friends (with limited success).  Taking the time to show our love and care for each other is one of the most beautiful ways to reaffirm and strengthen our bond, and I wouldn't miss those opportunities for the world.  Even when actions are difficult, they are worthy of our time and we always grow from them.


 I think of June so often that if I told you how many times a day she crosses my mind, you would probably laugh at me. I take pride in taking care of my lady, my lover, my best friend and my everything, sometimes I try to think of simple things that make her days brighter. I am not always the man I should be for her but I have grown so much with her and love taking care of her and spoiling her as much as I can.  I also will tell you that I am the luckiest man alive.  June takes such very good care of me, she is always there for me when I need her in every way.  She seems to know just what I need and desire and she goes out of her way to please me.  Her body and her mind sing to me and her thoughtfulness is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received

Our words thoughts and deeds are powerful things, and can make the difference between a regular day and a marvelous one!

 Her POV
Well, it is my turn to be humbled by Daddy's words. Ward is always conscientious, present, supportive and loving.  I am working on releasing the fear. Daddy's kind, gentle, attentive manner pulls me out of that dark place, and his light suffuses those things that weigh heavy. He lightens me. It's not only words, words can be a lie. It is the way in which I know that he thinks of me, what his friends tell me he says about us. It's the things that he does, and the way that he does them, never impatient, always timely, always giving his full attention. Communication is one of the most important thing that we do. And it is not simply the things that we speak, it is the things we do and the way we treat each other, not ony to the other person, but how we present them and our relationship to the world.


  1. Beautiful! Your love inspires hope. This is amazing and powerful. I am absolutely convinced that you are One Soul.

  2. @ movingon - Thank you so much! We have an uncommon understanding and appreciation of each other. We do indeed complete each other.


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